Fake pregnancy or AF?

Hi all

wonder if anyone can help?

Had unprotected sex 31st Oct and 1st Nov, think I ov 4 - 6 Nov on 29 dC. Really painful stomach cramps started yesterday evening so bad had to sit still and use hot water-bottle. Pain now settled into period like pain and i've been feeling v-tired. Did a Superdrug pt and it was neg this morning, but expected that as period not due till next thur. Would love another baby as my daughter is now 14 months so not worried if preg.

Feel like tiredness and period like pain just in my head as I want to preg. Anyone ever felt like this and how soon to test? With my daughter only tested after feeling unwell and doc told me maybe I had cold. I was 6 wks preg by then. Just need to know as I'm Lighter life diet which is very strict calorie so need to make decision about diet....


  • Hi there, Sorry to hear about your pain.

    Ooh, this is a tricky one. It could be a number of things I suppose - could be your AF, or could be that you have conceived but tested too early whch is why you got a neg result. It's so difficult to know - which is why this whole process is so confusing!

    You mentioned the LLife diet. I would personally recommend that if you are planning to conceive, that you consider coming off it maybe, as the diet will not provide your body with all the things you and baby bean will need. It's easy to say I know but I suppose you'll have to think about which is more important to you at this stage in your life. I had to make a similar decision once too.

    I wish you every luck with the decision and hope that your pains settle soon (hopefully giving you the result you're after too!)

    All the best x
  • Thanks MaybeBaby2! just wanted to chat about it as won't know until period is here or +pt. Just feel scared and excited!
  • Hi There

    I think that if you OVd 4-6th Nov then you will only be 4-6days dpo which is reeeeeeeealllly early for a HPT to pick up on a pregnancy.

    Also with only BDing 31st/1st and not OVing until 4-6th, the chance of sperm living long enough decreases each day, so if you BDs on the 31st and only OVd on the 6th (for instance) thats 4-5days of spermies having to swim around.

    I really hope you do get a bfp but if it were me, I wouldn't be getting hopes to high (just incase)....

    Also, I don't know enough about the LL diet as to what your intake of nurtrients is - if its not great then I do think now is not the best time to be on such a strict diet, esp if you are TTC. However, thats really your personal choice as if you are trying to loose weight, thats also a good thing whilst TTC. I would probably just do it another way?

    PP84 x x
  • Thanks Mrs PP84, agree too early, just could not help myself! Not ttc but failed condom (off pill as we plan to ttc in spring), guess now good time as any. I get all the nutrients needed from the Llife diet and been monitored by GP so not worried with that. Will soon achieve target weight so not concerned.

    Just going nuts with the maybe factor and period pains not making things easy.

  • Ahh sounds like from a diet perspective you have it all under control. It it was me, I wouldn't be worried about falling pregnant with the dates you provided (esp if you were obviously not trying to due to using a condomimage but it sounds like if it does happen it will be a happy surprise.

    It's a horrid waiting game so will keep fingers crossed for you. Hope you get the outcome you want image)

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