So fed up of all the comments!


I'm so fed up of everyone asking when were gonna have a sibling for Ollie! :evil:

Even the people who KNOW we've been trying for months, and know about the mc are still saying

"so when are you gonna get around to having number two then?"

Inconsiderate T*ssers (sorry)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed I did ovulate last week (coz we managed lots of dancing and I had lots of EWCM) and that I can find out I'm pregnant at the end of may - it would be the best birthday pressie ever.

But until then, all those people who feel the need to remind me that my body doesnt work please go away...... :lol:

Anyone else gtting fed up with it?



  • I know how you feel as soon as felicity was born everyone was saying 'when are you having another?' then when she got to the age of one they said 'ooh you cant leave it too long'. I Just always say we arent having anymore which in the beginning was true, it wasnt until she was 1 1/2 when we really started thinking that actually yes we do want more. She is now almost 2 1/2 and we have been trying for 7months so when my dad asked recently 'having anymore?' I replied 'NEVER' and dismissed it. It really bugs me they have no idea, for all they know we could have been trying since she was born and having real problems. I suppose they assume that as soon as you stop taking contraception you get pg! Thats what I used to think. x
  • I just posted on Boo's thread!!

    It's not like there's a shop you can go to! MIL is the worst. From what I know she didn't have any problem falling pregnant, so doesn't understand why we've been married for 8 months and still nothing!
  • is there a swap shop for the people who comment? It would be good to go pawn them for a bit and then get them back when youre ready.... :lol:

    My SIL thinks I'm great, coz I've had one already which means MILs pressure is off her.... but now MIL (who originally thought she would never get a granchild with hubby being a bachelor at 37 and no sign of a lady) wants another one.... (and she has slipped up sometimes when shes been with ollie and said stuff like, "you love your two mummies dont you" - like what! he only has ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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