Hi, so I only joined BE yesterday and I must say that already I am loving that I can tell people whats going on. Im sitting here in tears and its really nice to be able to tell someone (other than OH) why.
So, anyhow, my period was 3 days late and I stupidly thought that this month we had done it. However, it looks like we are now going into month 13 image Im just so fed up of trying. I spent years worrying that I would get pregnant and yet here I am finding out how hard it actually is. Anyhow, Im sorry to rant. Im sure we are all feeling the same way at certain points.
Now I just want AF to get here so we can start next months trying and im off tomo to buy a CBFM. maybe that will help. Does anyone have one?
Thanks for listening to the rant anyhow


  • Hi Carlakat!
    Welcome to BE and sorry you got a BFN they are rubbish!
    Is there any chance it could just be a shy bean? Sometimes it can take a while for a PG test to work?
    I've not used a CBFM as only just started trying but I think I would get one if it was starting to take a while.
    You will get you BFP!!!
  • hi sorry to hear your feeling so down. i have heard great things about the cbfm on here and also in the pregnancy forum. someone posted in pregnancy and was selling theirs for ??20. which is a bargain. have a look on there and email them if your interested. if that one has gone you could post in pregnancy asking if anyone has one for sale and you might get lucky.

    good luck, and you never know maybe a shy bean like mrscake says.

  • Hi CarlaKat. Sorry to hear you are feeling down. i have been just bought a book called The Baby making bible by Emma Cannon i got it at Amazon and was ??7.77 but you can get them bit cheaper. My freidn read it and she said made her feel better instantly!!
    Hope you feel better soon. xxx
  • Thanks ladies image
    Am feeling a bit better now. Think I was just having one of those moments. Anyhow, have just ordered a CBFM image and the baby making bible image
    so hopefully all these things will help for the next month image
    Thanks again for your advice and help and you never know maybe it is a shy bean! image xx
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