Why do we have Brown blood?

Sorry bout over anaylsing.

I know brown blood is old blood, but does anyone know what causes it, why we have it and has it been it been lying in our body for a long time? Why should we also not count it as cd1 even if it is heavy?
Anyone know of any good websites about it?


  • It is simply to give us false hope. Ha! Sorry! I recon my body thinks it is a comedian, determined to make sure we believe we are pregnant when we are not. I have nothing constructive to say. I usually get brown blood at the end of my period. google it, actually maybe not, may get dodgy things back!!!
  • Lol - and so true!

    I did search for it before and didn't find anything. Maybe there is nothing to tell.
  • did not want to r&r but i have no idea, ive never had it before so couldnt answer your ques! hope u find your answer x x x
  • I usually start and finish with it and I wonder if it is part of the lining or if the bit to start with is the end of the loss from the previous af?
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