New to all this and need some help (bit long!)...

Hi everyone

My OH and I have started TTC this month and I'm a few days past OV but I have a few questions.

I came off the pill at the start of the year and had the world's longest cycle to start with which then dropped down to being 2 weeks late last month (I got married last month so I would assume the stress from all that had something to do with it) so I'm hoping things have settled down a bit now.

Based on a 28 day cycle I was due to ovulate on 28th May but I was using OPKs and didn't record a positive until 1st June, so 3 days later than expected but still not far off track.

I've been charting temperature as well and my temperature went from 96.63 on 31st May to 96.93 on 1st June and has continued rising since then.

Does this mean I count 2nd June as 1DPO??

I've just put my data into Fertility Friend and that has put OV as 31st May not 1st June making me 5DPO.

From Thursday onwards, so 3rd June I've had really sore BBS, kind of like a dull ache but my nipples have felt like they're on fire and seem to be permanently erect, lol.

I've also had some very strange, yellowish CM since then, but only first thing in the morning but it's (sorry if this is TMI!) not stretchy, more rubbery (about the closest way I can describe it but not quite right).

On top of that I've also had very strange cramps, almost like AF is due to arrive but not quite. When I got out of bed yesterday morning I felt like I'd done loads of sit ups as well and I've had quite sharp pains this morning.

Feel so tired and drained and have been yawning like crazy at work.

Just trying to make sense of all this in my head because I have never had the sore BBS after ovulation before and it's quite strange.

Can anyone help explain this or has anyone had this before at all?

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