Advice please ladies

Hi everyone

Hope you're all having a lovely day.

I was hoping you could help me with something please? Which part of your cycle would you experience creamy white cm?

Thanks in advance.

Kelly x


  • Hi Kelly I've had creamy cm after af and before ov, but also after ov when I've been pg. I think it varies for different ladies though and I may have had creamy cm after ov too when not pg, but I've been pg more than not in the last 6 months so it's hard for me to remember now.
  • Hi
    Thanks for responding. My cycles are so messed up. I came off the pill last May and my periods are still all over the place. I have been trying to track my cm this month, I am on cd29 today and I still haven't noticed any egg white cm. I have also been using opk's and haven't had a positive. I thought I had started using them quite early on but looking back now I may have missed ovulation day. I'm so worried that I'm not ovulating at all!! I asked my doctor last month about my period's and all he did was laugh and say be patient!! Thanks doc.
    Thanks anyway and good luck x
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