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Laptops may affect fertility??

Hi girls.. Just a thought!! I'm a heavy laptop user and have infertilty issues, i'v not ovulated naturally for years however i'v not been using it for a few months just been using I phone and my cycle has been so regular since.. However today i'v used the laptop and my tummy really hurts! Wonder if anyone knows if they can affect fertilty, I know they can in men xx


  • g/c hi i read something about this a few years ago, from what i can remember it was mainly about men, if they rest a laptop on their lap it can raise the temp of their genitals as the laptop is giving off heat directly too that area, frequent and prolonged use like this was thought perhaps to contribute to some male fertility problems

    found this and it does seem to only refer to men

    hth xx
  • pavy are you ttc??? yes im nosey but what jock isnt hehe x

    ps i have heard about laptops and effects on mens fertility x
  • That is quite a scary fact! I shall let hubby know about that one, but im more of the laptop user in the house.

    Thanks for the thought :\)

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