only 8 days till i test!!!!!

As it says only 8 days to go omg... would usually flyround especially as kids break up! but no each day seems like a month i am defo lacking in pma!! i keep syptom spotting, but then i think no i'm imaging it, i just dont feel very hopeful anymore dont know why xxxx

babydust to all xx


  • hope you get your bfp i know how you feel but keep positive best you can i know its hard.
    sending you lotsa pma xxx
  • thanks babyblip x
  • Im officailly testing in 9 days! (although I'll prob test every 2 days from Tuesday just in case it might show early!) Hope we both get our BFP's. Im not feeling very confident today either, try to keep your PMA up though.

  • i hope you get your bfp too, its so stressful isnt it xx
  • im trying to not even think about when af is due and when i might test-but its sooo hard not to...ill be on holiday when she is due and will be packing a pg test inbetween the folic acid and tampons lol. heres hoping! hope we all get our bfp's soon
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