Really bloated

Hello Ladies, my stomach is really bloated today, I could barely get my trousers on this morning and I had to undo them when I sat down at my desk as I could barely breath!! I am around 11dpo and af should be due sometime around the weekend or the beginning of next week, I had some stomach pain last night but nothing since then, I really really hope this isn't af coming, i'm so desperate to be pregnant, it's not helping that a girl I work with has recently found out that she is pg without even trying!! xxx


  • Exactly the same here, AF due this weekend.

    Also just found out another colleague is PG without trying. I'm trying not to get upset about it.
  • I know but it's hard isn't it? There seems to be loads of pg women around everywhere I go at the minute or women pushing prams, or maybe i'm just noticing more, yeah it's probably that lol x
  • went shopping last week and every woman I saw was either PG or pushing a pram. My OH just reckons I'm becoming obsessed and thinks Im just noticing it more. He's probably right.

    But when I complain he just says "it will happen, just relax". Can't help it finding it esp tough when all I here about is the PG SIL all the time. ARGH
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