I'm new and need support :(

Hi all

I am new to this site but I really need support from people who are ttc just like me.
My af is due in 1 or 2 days. I got a BFN yesterday and can't stop feeling bad and want to cry :cry:
Each cycle I say I wont stress myself but I can't help it. This is my worst cycle as I am feeling really bad image

I dont find it easy to talk to my DH about these things and I am scared to ask him to go have fertility tests.
We have been trying for around 5 or 6 months. :\(


  • Morning,
    I understand how hard it is each month to get BFN and AF my OH answer was always it will happen at somepiont...

    U have tested early maby its to early to show up on a test...

    Hoping you have a short stay in ttc xx gems x
  • thanks a lot for the reply

    I hope that too image

    and wish you a happy healthy 9 months
  • awwww its poo isnt it! sorry ur feeling low atm! ive only been trying 2 months, so its not getting to me to much yet, but some days its hard image hope ur feeling better soon! xxxxxx
  • Hi Riham, welcome to BE. It is hard isnt it. Your whole life ends up revolved around ttc and you have very little support in the "real" world.
    Have you been charting or trying SMEP?
  • Thanks *me* wishing you all the best.

    *Babylove*: yaaa its harder than i thought but i can't explain why I always had that bad feeling of not concieving I hope i am wrong :/

    I charted 2 cycles and then i kept missing temps so stopped. I would make sure we had bd on the few days before ovulation but usually after BD i go wash. Next cycle i'll make sure i dont move for 15 mins.
    Would it make a difference ?
  • I haven't came off my pill yet but will be TTC in April / May. I can imagine how you must be feeling. I am quite emotional on periods so god help me when i come off my pill. Last time i came off my pill my cycles were so long, i lost count how many days so i just hope my cycle isn't like that this time. It really got me down last time. Good luck xx
  • Shoegal : i hope your body adjusts fast without the pills coz for some people it takes time ad some actually fall pregnant straight away. image

    Yes it makes you very down ... and during the 2ww u feel you have all the symptoms which turns out its all in ur head or PMS.

    Good Luck to all ttc girls
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