CD7 and Af still hasn't buggered off!!

Hi Ladies, this is a very pointless post but i'm on CD7 and AF is still here image She arrived CD1 (obviously) CD2 nothing and then CD3 she was here with evangence and now I'm still getting blood when I wipe and feel all sick and mardy! Sorry just want her to go image xxx


  • That sucks, I will cast a magic spell for you:
    Be gone evil witch!
  • Aaah BroodyKate I feel your pain! I'm on CD1 but AF usually sticks by me until CD7, sometimes up to CD10! It's horrible. Hope she gets gone soon!
  • Sorry BroodyKate, mines still here too, but it has been known to last past CD10 before, which really sucks.
    I've still got cramps too!
    Come on af, bugger off now.
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