fao sparkling diamond

hello hunny, any more news today?? Fingers are still tightly crossed for you. Stay away from those nasty cbd lol xxx


  • Hi hun,

    Lines dont seem to be making much progress, I just want a line I can believe it, they do seem to be getting bit more visible on FR test but I done that this afternoon.

    I have no tests left so am going shopping tomorrow to buy some more.


  • have you only used fr and a cbd? if so then get some superdrug or tesco tests at least that way if you can see a line on a different brand then you know its defo a line iygwim. GL xx
  • Hey Sparkling Diamond! I'm still getting the faint lines but I got the 'Pregnant 1-2' on the CBD again today, I still don't believe it though as I still feel like AF is coming. Why don't you do CBD with ur FMU??
  • Hi hun,

    I will do cbd with fmu going to have to put it in a container and buy some cbd's tomorrow, hubby wants me to wait a few days xx
  • Its easy for them to say wait! If you're anything like me you won't listen haha. Good Luck and update me!! Are you taking any vitamins or folic acid? If so, what ones? xxx
  • Hi hun,

    i just take SD folic acid 400mg just finished my first container of 90 tablets so have been taking it for 3 months.

    I have used a few SD tests but lines dont seem to be very clear on them for some reason, maybe I just dont have enough hcg yet.

    AF due tomorrow so fingers crossed the witch stays away and hopefully I will test.

    i want a strong 2 lines before I do a CBD as just cant bear the heartbreak of a BFN!

  • I've had faint lines on every test!! Thats why I really didn't expect the 'Pregnant' CBD! Just give it a go image Good Luck!!! xxx
  • Thanks hun, so could your oh see your lines? my hubby refuses ti believe me until I get a positive CBD!!

    I had to come to bed at 8pm my legs are restless and am so tired but am having trouble sleeping.

    Will keep you posted hope to be joining you both soon image x
  • BFN on CBD with FMU saved in container was stood for an hour could that have made a diff.

    Am so deflated really thought this was different have so many symptoms.

    Good luck to you both in your pregnancies xx
  • Hi Sammie

    Have you done a CBD yet??

    I think am a few days early so af could not be due till wed/thur am not sure how long my leutal phase is with only using CB opks this cycle, I used to use FR but couldnt for sure tell by the lines.

    Am bit more hopeful now xx
  • Hello hunny. Yeah i did a cbd on friday and it was a bfn. My wee was quite diluted though as it was in the afternoon.
    I did an opk yesterday morning and another sd test and they were both bfp and today i did another opk and a cheapie pg test and they were darker than yesterday and certainly darker than the day before that but they still arent mega dark tbh. I will pop a pic on here in a min and then you can let me know if your test lines are about the same, dont know if that will be any help to you hun??
    My af still isnt due until wed. Hopefully you have miscalculated your dates but i would say that as long as that line is still there, regardless of how dark or faint it is, then it means that the pg hormone is still being detected in your urine iyswim xx
  • Oh I forgot I could do an opk?? I have CB ones?? wait a min if I get a smiley does than mean am preg??

    Yeah please post a pic I have only done sd tests last few days ran out of FR.

    Am gonna go do an OPK. xx
  • OPK was non smiley hun x
  • there you go chick.
    In regards to getting a smiley on your opk, it would probably mean you are pg but i dont think that you would get a smiley just yet. When i did my opk it was very dark but a shade off being positive so what i would do is use the opk but then take the stick out of the tester and just look at the line rather than judge it on whether it comes up as a smiley or not x
  • OPK was non smiley hun x

    What did the lines on the test stick look like??
  • Hi hun, no my lines havent been that dark hun, I would say v.v. faint but on FR it looked to be getting darker then I ran out of tests.

    Yeah I think my af could be due no later than thur because am CD41 today and longest cycle have had was last month when af was 11 days late so taking it to 44/45 day cycle.

    Am just gonna wait a few more days hun xx
  • Its awful having long and irregular cycles, i really do sympathise with you. I was the same when i was ttc dd. One cycle would be 27days and the next month it would be a 35 day cycle. I never knew where i stood with the whole thing. It was only really when i started using opks that i had an idea of when my af would be due. It was a real pain x Try not to stress out about it, easier said than done i know but its no good for you. My sil didnt get a bfp with her dd until she was nearly 8 weeks pg!!, she tried every brand but nothing would show up even the faintest line so even a v faint line is good xx
  • Thanks hun, I guess I just want to know either way, am going to buy some FRER tests again tomorrow.

    I just thought with the hcg levels doubling every 2-3 days I would have seen something a bit more positive looking by now.

    Will keep you posted either way xx
  • thanks hun and GL xx
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