Sorry if this is daft but what's preseed?

I've heard a lot of you ladies mention it and some ladies swear by it but i'm not sure really what it is or where i can get it from?



  • its lube thats sperm friendly!! Its good if you dont really get a lot of CM, or if you think that extra lube may help the sperm along.
  • Lady, I love the stuff. As HF said it's supposed to help the sperm reach their goal and it's done that for me now 2 months running! I do get ewcm but was getting a little sore doing the smep each month with all the bding and so decided we would use something to help the process and make it a bit quicker! tmi I know :lol: Basically it has helped us 'get it on' even when we don't feel like it as it feels good too and takes much less effort to get everyone revved up for the big event! image

    It comes in a tube and it's clear and you can either rub it on, or it has an applicator a bit like a tampon applicator that you can insert some into you anytime 15 mins before you bd - this is how I use it I just excuse myself to the bathroom and pop a little in! image

    I went onto their website and did a search of where I could buy it. It's expensive but the proof is in the pudding - literally!
  • Well your the reason why i asked BoB, seen as you so highly recommended it on your previous post. I may also give the SMEP a go why hubbies all revved up ttc!

    I'm off to google it now! Although OH managed to do the trick using the withdrawal method last time so i'm not sure he needs any extra help... lol!!
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