Christmas countdown r u ready?


I have to take my mind off ttc for a bit as i am having a ttc bad day :\(

So here goes................

Christmas.......... Are You Ready ????????????


Christmas Love it or Hate it.............

My Decs are up....... I have most of my prezzys 1 more to get....... and have started to get bits for dinner stuffing sauces etc ......

Not that i hate xmas i just have bad memorys and this year is not going to be a happy 1 either.....
When i was in care i spent xmas alone or worked if the shop was open ;\) This year my OH is working and i will be spending xmas day just me and the boy :\( Also AF will be due about he 24th and i am either going to be preg at xmas or having AF.

What about you ladys ????????? image


  • I'm not ready image I haven't bought a present yet... mainly because my family don't live in this country and wont be seeing them at xmas, boohoo image I am going to buy my OH some presents this weekend though image My af is due just before xmas, but I came off the pill 2 months ago so it might be late and arrive on xmas.... but I hope it is late because I will get a bfp! hehe


    p.s, sorry to hear you spent xmas alone in care and sorry to hear your OH is working, that sucks! My OH has 2 weeks off work and I will working! grr!

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  • I'm nowehere near ready! Only bought a few presents and can't even think of when to put the tree up. Only good thing about that is that I finish up on 16th for my holiday, so I can get organised then!

    I do love Christmas but sometimes I think all the planning takes too much time.

    AF for me is due around 25th, so I'll be testing around then. Would be nice to have a BFP for Christmas!
  • hi girls, getting tree and decs this weekend, v excited as having 10 family members round for xmas dinner, never mass catered before! got hubbies pressies and bday pressies he's 30 on the 29th and were having a party with 150 ppl for it on the 27th! eek! busy time, getting rest of xmas presents on sunday, have written my cards ands bought stamps today. got 3 parties to go to between now and xmas too, and AF due xmas day so hope its bfp in my stocking!!! baby dust xx chin up gem xx
  • Ahhhh Gembags, what have you done this for? :lol: Now I have to admit how unorganised I am...

    I have bought about 3 present, I have 3 on the way in the post... Only about 12 more poeple to buy for.,.. Not including my 2 secret santas at work :roll:

    I've invited, my mum, her OH, OH's mum, dad and sister along with my sister, her OH and their LO for xmas dinner... This is bearing in mind I don't cook so I have told my mum she will have to cook in my kitchen :lol:

    You know what I'm actually really excited, despite everything I still have to do, it's the first xmas we don't have to chose who's family to have lunch with and its my sister LO's first xmas and we're all going to spoil her image

    Gem I am sure you and your LO will still have wonderful day together and you will have to have your very own late xmas day when your OH gets home :/) xx
  • image he is home at 11.30 pm so were having xmas on boxing day as OH is off image
  • Hi hun, love XMAS!! am like a big kids, nearly finished present buying and need to wrap presents still.

    Going to put tree up on friday before our xmas party and hubby will probably be working too over xmas as he has alot of working coming off.

    I too will either be pregnant with a big BFP (or should I say xmas pudding lol) or have AF rear her ugly head!!!

    Oh well will have to sit tight and wait to find out either way xx
  • So your LO will be extra spoilt because I'm sure you will make a fuss of him while your OH isnt there then when your OH gets back he will want to make a fuss of him too image Oh and you will also be celebrating your BFP.. xx
  • I'm with you Gembags,
    Got the decorations up, only got a few pressies for my OH to get and 1 more for my son and then i'm done. Everything i've already got is wrapped and ready to go under the tree!!
    As for the food, we've got the turkey and getting ready to go and do the "BIG" food shop in a couple of weeks!!
    I love Christmas, and I've got 2 weeks off work from the 18th so I can't wait!!!
    Merry Christmas everyone, and hope you have a lovely boxing day chrimbo Gem xx
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