chat winge and moan anybody?

just fancied a moan fed up hate the waiting game, just watched hollyoaks made me even more sad, still got cramps, cant stop eating cheese today which is probably why i have such a bad headache xx feel free come and have a moan xx makes you feel a little better :\(


  • image *opens wine and unwraps chocolate*

    I feel rubbish today too. According to mymonthlycycles last month I should have OV'd yesterday, but because my AF was early it then said Saturday. Feels more like today so I dunno. BD'd loads over the weekend and hubby has just told me he feels a bit "empty" so no BD'ing tonight! lol!!!

    I so want to be pregnant!!!!
  • me too i can't wait it seems the more you want something etc... my hubby is knackered bless him i think i have worn him out, but hey hes had all day to recoupertate so we will be bd'ing late , thought i had an implantation bleed last week done no end of tests still bfn, must have been af on a flying visit, but it was unusual for, me, everytime i go past the tests in a shop i back track thinking maybe this one would be bfp?!!! i cant help myself, so i am going to try and not do one now until af's supposed arrival in july? will this be your 1st? how old are you if you dont mind me asking? xx
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