Clear Blue Test

Hello All,

I have just taken a clear blue test. the horizonal line appeared, then the vertical line but it wa very faint. It then dissapeared after 15 mins. Does this mean i could be pg, or does a very faint line always appear? I am on CD29, so should be due for af today but she hasn't arrived.

Any thoughts would be great xxxx


  • Well, a line is a line, but not if its an evaporation line...

    If it was the colour of the control line even if it was faint, I'd said you'd got yourself a BFP. If the line was grey-ish, then possibly an evaporation line?

    And should you still be looking after fifteen minutes? Some tests say not to read after ten minutes as the lines can fade...

    Do you have another test you can do? The Clear Blue Digital ones say Pregnant or Not Pregnant so that might clear things up...

    Good luck!
  • well on the instructions it has different types of lines on it, one very faint saying thatthe one similar to mine is a BFP. It was blue, but i am not sure. I did the same test 2 days ago and that had a faint line, but the line didnt get darker this time.

    Maybe i am being to eager and tested too soon after the last one??

  • go get yourself a cbd girl.
  • Emily- I think the darkness of the line won't necessarily increase if you're a few days on.

    n general, the positive line will be darker when a greater amount of hCG is present in the urine, but not always. Some tests contain more or less dye. Some tests are more or less sensitive, even 2 tests in the same box can be different. Also, your urine may have more or less hCG in it depending on what you ate or drank, or how long it's been since you last peed!

    Not sure if that's any help, I'm afraid
  • I agree with Emzyv! A digital test will tell you without any ambiguity.
  • Ok so should i wait to get a digital one, or will it still give you the correct result on the first day of missed af??

    Sorry to be a pain!!x
  • It should although not definatly give you a result. Sometimes some people have to wait a good few days but if you think you have had a line go get one NOW
  • cbd is very likely to give you an answer if af is due today. unusual but mine gave me a bfp 8dpo in middle of afternoon. Good luck!
    Filo x
  • If the CBD doesnt come up dont panic though, I had a negative with Clear Blue and then had a positive an hour later with a First Reponse! Good luck xx
  • Ok will do hopefully will be BFP, if not i will be very sad!!xx
  • if not bfp then keep trying, not over til the witch shows, some bfps take a little longer than others
    Filo x
  • When are you going to get one ? The first responce tests are good like jem27 just said and you can now test upto 6 days early with some so i am assuming they are more sensitive
  • Go for the CBD - mine came up 'pregnant' a week early! Very exciting! Fingers crossed and babydust to you xxx
  • I think she may have gone to get
  • oooh let us know. sounds very promising hun! xxx
  • Had to check what was happening after going to my dance class! I assume she's gone to get a test.

    If not and you're reading this: Good luck!
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