Hi I don't want to scare anybody but my friend has just had to terminate her pregnancy because a scan revealed her baby had spina bifida.
It was a very tough decision but the little thing had a big hole in its back and they said wouldn't live for very long past 5.
If you're not already doing so, please please PLEASE take folic acid. Just such a small thing can save a baby's life.

Folic acid, known as folate in its natural form, is one of the B-group of vitamins. Folate is found in small amounts in many foods. Good sources include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, peas, chickpeas and brown rice.
Other useful sources include fortified breakfast cereals, some bread and some fruit (such as oranges and bananas).


  • What a great post for advice!!

    I am sorry to hear about your friend though - that must have been a heartbreaking decision for her

    I started taking folic acid the day I came off my pill just in case! That was on a friend of mine and my doctors recommendation!!

    Do it girls!
  • I'm sorry about your friend anatoriac. But you're right to raise awareness of it - as apparently unless you take the folic acid before week 3 of pregnancy (before women even know they're pregnant!) it is ineffective, that's why they now recommend all women of childbearing age should take a supplement with folic acid particularly those ttc. xxxx
  • i'm not actually ttc yet - but will be after my wedding in Sept this year

    is it worth starting to take folic acid now?

    my younger sister has juvenile arthritis and she has been prescribed folic acid by the doctor to take on a daily basis to keep her bones growing properly - so i suppose it isn't harmful...?
  • I'm not sure maybe it would be a good idea to start taking them about August?
    I found this article, have a read;
    The Office of Dietary Supplements rates the health risk of folic acid as "low." The recommended daily allowance for folate intake in adults is 400 mcg. Pregnant women require more folate. Individual requirements may vary from person to person, so it is a good idea to talk with your doctor before taking any supplements. Because it is a water-soluble vitamin excess folic acid simply leaves the body through urine. However, folic acid may react with some anticonvulsant drugs. Even though it is low risk, it is still important to check with your doctor before taking folic acid supplements.

    Folate is naturally found in leafy green vegetable like spinach and turnip greens, as well as in fruits, dried beans, and peas.

    Hope this helps! xxxx
  • When I was pregnant with my son they told me at 24 weeks that he had spina bifida and I had a week to choose weather to terminate or continue. After lengthy talks with my family I decided to continue with my pregnancy and at 36 weeks gave birth to a perfectly health baby boy by elective c.section.
    With all of my pregnancies I have taken folic acid from about a month before conception right through to birth.
  • Did you know that in some countries they add follic acid to everyday food items like bread in order to prevent this...!
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