hi everyone

i'm back (although not properly back) in this forum after ERPC yesterday at 11 weeks. DH and I have talked about it, and I've researched stuff and have decided to wait until after first AF until trying again even though i do want to try as soon as i can. I know i have to be patient and let my body heal so it is in top condition for next time. i keep telling myself "good things come to those who wait"!

DH and I are going to try and have lots of fun over the next few weeks to take our mind off things and to basically just have fun. over the last few months i had been obsessed with ttc, and then when i got bfp with all baby related things and he was busy studying for exam so we haven't done many fun things lately. so we've got a week away and some exciting days out to look forward to.

anyway back to the point. i want my body to be in as good condition as it can be. i am worried that i am borderline underweight. i'm 5'2 and weigh about 7.5 stone although can be a few pounds either side. i know that there could be a number of reasons i miscarried but i've read that being underweight can contribute. my mw said i was ok, but ideally i would like to put on some weight. and i just can't! i have IBS anyway which makes me have all sorts of tummy/indigestion troubles and i don't eat lots of junk food but i was wondering if anyone else is in a similar position? i know a lot of people try to lose weight to get pg but i would like to put on a bit. just wonderedif anyone had any tips? if i eat too much i get indigestion.. i can't win!

back to my much deserved glass of wine i think...

thanks xxxxxx


  • have you tryed them milk shakes that people to use to put weight on so that when the go to the gym the turn it in to muscle,x
  • To build up our undernourished elderly patients we use fortisip and fortijuice. Better for me would be if I sliced a couple of stone off and sent you them!!!LOL!!!
    Enjoy your wine, you have deserved it after last few days.
    Good luck.xxx
  • We give our elderly patients calshakes. Made with milk, like a milkshake. Have a look in the chemists, there's bound to be something you can try. xx
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