hey im new here, need some advice please?


how are you all, just wanted to introduce myself, im lorraine and my husband and myself have been TTC for 6 months now ...

my last AF was on the 4th Dec and i have still had nothing, i should have been due on new years day. anyway i dont know if these are pregnancy symptoms and i dont want to get my hopes up as i have had so many BFN's, i just dont feel i can cope with another at the min. i did do a test yesterday which was BFN but my body feels different, u know??

the symptoms i am having are:

increased tiredness, feel exhausted ALL the time
im feeling nauseous (however there is a bug going round my work so it may be that)
migraneish headaches
"period pains" although not had AF
tender (.)(.) and these are also itchy (dont know how relevant this is)
and im also feeling quite emotional - even as im writing this i feel like crying lol how mad is that??

anyway i was wondering what advice you ladies may have as i cant stop thinking about it.





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