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You said in SLOW's thread this morning that you went private. I am looking into this at the moment. Do you mind me asking roughly how much it costs? It's one of those things that I am totally clueless about. Is it ??100 or ??1000? I just haven't got a clue!



  • hi babyB - i dont mind at all....

    the inital appt with the consultant was ??160...apts after that have been ??70 a time...however, thats just the cost for speaking to the consultant and doesnt include any tests etc...

    our first apt also required me to have a batch of blood tests (usual ones to test hormones etc) I think they needed to do about 6 types of tests so you have to pay for each - they vary in price but the whole batch cost ??500 ish...then I had two internals (urgh!) which came to about ??200

    ...all prices will differ though but i think I would say allow ??1200 at least for all the initial tests etc - the advantage is the speed of it all....

    ...within a week, we had seen doc, had all internals and blood tests etc back, OH had sperm analysis done and we'd been back for a follow up appointment! for us that was important as it was looking like I would have same probs TTC as my mum had - still looks like it after my lap and dye last week!

    hope that helps - email me if you want to ask other q's really dont mind
  • OMG - wasn't expecting blood tests to cost that much. Hmmmm, don't think I will be able to talk hubby into that.
    Might see if we can have blood tests done via gp and then go private once have more info.

    Thanks v much for this info. xxx
  • ...the hospital gave me the option to have them done at the GP but as some of them had to be done within a certain part of my cycle we just had them done there...that day was perfect timing and my GP couldnt get me in to have them done for another 2 weeks! xxx
  • Oh ok, that's good then. Am going back to gp on 24th for check up after mc so will demand some tests then. All I want is testosterone really. The pcos specialist I want to see says that's all he really pays attention to. xx
  • good luck babyB, sorry to hear about your MC. Hopefully the check up will go well for you.

    I have PCOS too! let me know how you get on xx
  • Thanks Bon79.

    Have they given you any treatment - metformin/clomid?? x
  • ...no not yet - they're waiting for OH's 2nd lot of SA results to come back then they will compare those with the results from my lap and dye (to cut a long story short...my left fallopian tube doesnt look great!) - we're seeing consultant on 21 July (to allow for SA results) so we'll see then! xx
  • Good luck hun. Hope it all gets sorted.
    I have ewcm today, only 7 days after mc and am utterly totall confused. Hate my stoopid body for not knowing what it's doing - grrrrr!
  • ...dont know exactly how you feel but I know the bit about not liking your body and how it doesn't know what to do!!
    its weird as I always knew we'd have probs TTC (because of the probs my mum had too) but wasn't expecting these probs! arrgghh!
    PMA PMA PMA and sticky baby dust for us both! xxx
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