Chemical pregnancy

I'm really worried about testing too early and getting all exciting if it's positive only to find out a few days later that AF has arrived and it was a chem pregnancy. So I was wondering if anyone knows when the risk of chem preg decreases? I'm not sure when my AF is due as I haven't had one for a long time due to the pill but I'm around 10dpo. Does anyone have any info on this? xx


  • Hi HappyMrsS,

    I am sorry to hear this. I had a chemical pg in Nov and Dec....i too had tested early but got bfn, i tested the day of af in the early hours and got a faint bfp but later on that day i started bleeding.

    I am not sure on facts and figures but they best way to avoid chem pg is to not test early. i dont test now until 15dpo as otherwise it just ends in disappointment. Good luck for a future sticky bfp!! xx
  • Thanks for the reply mrslolly and I'm really sorry to hear about your experiences - wishing you lots of luck for a BFP soon! I haven't actually tested yet but am just worrying about testing too early.
    Does anyone know whether if you have a chem pg the hormone levels stay the same rather than increasing? I was wondering if you get a faint line one day and then test again two days later and the lines much stronger, is this a good sign that everything is ok? Or can this still happen with a chem pg?
    I'm just being a worrier! But as it's been over 100 days since last AF I don't know how long my cycles are so AF could be due any time really.
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