Was quite convinced we'd done it! :cry:

Back to CD 1 for me!

I had different symptoms to the last couple of months. I hadn't had sore bb's before, and I had an ache centrally in my abdomen. Whereas before I'd had twinges all my 2ww. So I had taken these changes to be positive. But oh no, just my body being cruel!! :\(

TMI....I had a pinky bit of cm yesterday evening, with a sharp pain starting on the right of my abdomen. Yes I thought it could be implantation, being 13dpo. But no, the pinky cm went to brown. It became more and more on tp. Then I passed a (really tmi) clot. This afternoon, I have passed another one about the size of 10p! Bb's have more or less stopped hurting now.

So I feel :\? :evil: :\( :x :cry: image :roll:

Back to the beginning. Have now had 30, 33 and this makes 29 day cycles! So what do I look out for next month, if I'm having all these new symptoms every month?! I'm a symptom spotter...so won't be able to stop myself! I guess if I don't have anythiing....?

Here we go again, into month 4! :x


  • Sorry to hear that mithical. The AF witch is evil, isn't she?!! And our bodies are too.

    If I were you, as your cycles seem to be differing, you should try to bd frequently as soon as you get to CD10. You can still catch that early even if you don't OV til CD15 (which would be a 28 day cycle).

    TBH - although I can be a bit of a symptom spotter (generally in the 2ww though), I don't seem to have had any signs of ov like EWCM, pains etc. I just hope that I am and bd around about the right time! I find it all too stressful if I try to look too deeply into things and just hope that everything is in good working order! If I carry on getting BFNs for too long then I will see the experts and let them tell me if there's an issue.

    Sorry I probably haven't been a great help. Try to keep your PMA up. Although it might be a BFN today it does mean that you are that little bit closer to getting your BFP now!




  • Oh sweetheart image

    I am really sorry , i also got a BFN this morning and like you really thought we had done it as I had so many different things from last month.

    I would say sadly not being off the pill that long is the reason our bosies are doing this to us. It will take some time for them to settle down and go back to what will be normaly for us.

    I really am sorry hun, are you full flow though? is the blood red now?

    K xx


  • hi i go thru the same thing i dont no wether im cummin or going its abit depressing at times ive been trying for 3months now are you ok? dont blame yourself these things take time i try not to blame myself feel free to talk whenever weve been thro the same lauralou xxxxx
  • Hi girls, thanks for your replies.

    MrsHopeful - last cycle we bd everyday for 4 days up to and on day of ov. The cycle before we bd every other day up to, and just beyond ov. This cycle we will bd as soon as af has finished, until I know I've ov'd - I get a little ewcm, and ov pain. I think I am going to get some pre seed as well, as I defintely struggled with every day! I thought my LP was 15 days, but obviously it's 13.....so recaulculating! lol

    K - Oh well, at least we move into another month together. I have (tmi) clots and definitely CD 1, with red blood today. Although still nothing on a pad yet, just on the tp.

    I'm just really annoyed, I'm on the 3rd cycle of coming off the pill, and getting new symptoms. My bb's hurt from 2dpo! Cruel body! :x
  • Thanks for your support lauralou, I'm ok. PMA will build up again, especially if I get the pre seed. I'll feel like I'm doing something to improve the situation! xx
  • Oh honey i'm so sorry that biatch has turned up yet again WTF is her problem?!

    Try and keep up the PMA and make sure ur very unwelcoming so that she's doesn't intrude nxt month!!!
  • Well done SB, you got me to smile! You are the BE motivator that's for sure! Really glad you keep popping in! lolimage
  • Thanks lilac* I'll do my best to scare her this time, so she won't come back this month!

    Ok SB, if I have to! xx
  • Come along mithical!! I know that it's a rubbish time when AF gets you but you can grab a massive drink of fizz!! Oops upside your head is currently playing thanks to Iwantanotherpls!!!

    See you there!

  • sorry she found you mithical. i get a new batch of symptoms every month too which is soooo annoying as you start to get your hopes up don't you. I'm on month5 ttc and am beginning to find it easier to ignore my irritating body as i know it's just out to trick me!!!!
    Good luck for next month
  • Its really hard when you have new symptons, from what you said on the 2ww topic I thought you had a really good chance this month. Fingers crossed for July x
  • Really sorry to see this thread Mithical! Im sure July will be our month hun! Hope you get your PMA back asap and treat yourself to some wine or something to ease the dissapointment slightly.

  • Sorry to hear this - I was hoping lots for you! I have told her off and told her to stay away next monthxx
  • so sorry to her the witch arrived image i loved SB's post that makes it sound so much more positive!!! good luck nxt month hun xxxxx
  • Really sorry it wasn't your month Mithical. It will soon be your time for your bfp, and I hope its next month.

  • hi mithical think af is on her way tomorrow had a bit of pink in cm yest and now i got a bit of brown in my cm tonight thought we had done it too this mth but guess ill have to try again in aug hope u get ur bfp next mth
  • sorry to hear this mithical. i hope july is a good month for us all! lots of pma hun xxx
  • I'm sorry af found you Mithical, your symptoms sounded pretty positive this time too. I've got a feeling July is gonna be a lucky month though, its my first wedding anniversary and our first month ttc so hopefully I'll be sharing my PMA with everyone!!!

    Caroline xxx
  • hey hun. so sorry she found you it so sounded like youhad done it this month. well im on cd3 so we about the same now. hopefully we both be getting our bfp next month.xxx
  • Oh no! The evil one seems to be getting so many this month!

    Sorry she found you hun, have some pma and ********babydust******
    and hope she sods off on her hols next month! xx


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