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Hello all ttc ladies!

Hi ladies,

I'm new in here. We are 2nd month ttc number 2. Had my daughter jan 09 & spent loads of time in pregnancy and due in jan 09 but ttc is new to me. Number 1 was a honeymoon surprise!

I know it's silly but can't help being surprised that's we haven't got pg as quickly as last time so ttc is a new frame of mind for me. It's encouraging to see so many of you getting bfps!

Hope you're all well! Nice to meet you all x x x


  • Nice to meet you Mrs.E...hope you get your BFP very soon image x
  • Thank you tinkerbell - same to you x x x
  • hello there, we ate TTC no2, DS was born dec09 after 11 months TTC so i am hoping a little sooner this time

    good luck x
  • Hi piggypops, Nice to meet you! Wishing you lots of luck for a quicker pg this time. Hopefullly your body will remember it all and crack on sooner this time! how long have you been ttc? Just started too? X
  • Thank you sherbetfizz, sending baby dust back to you! Have a lovely day x
  • Hi Mrs.E. We're ttc number 1, just a couple of months in to trying. Good luck ttc number 2... perhaps a second honeymoon is what you need!?! x
  • Hi Vass, you might be right there! We've just got back from a holiday, although we were with our DD so not exactly a 2nd honeymoon (!) I'm hoping that foreign soil might have had the same effect as last time!

    Bst of luck with ttc! Sending you baby dust x
  • good luck. hope you get your BFP soon x
  • Hello...good luck getting your bfp, everyone here is lovely xx
  • Hi Mrs.E, another Jan09 mummy, yay!:lol: We're on month 1 of ttc baby no2, Abi is now 19 months and I'm broody as hellimage We've been quite laid back about it this month but I can already feel the obsession fighting to take over so will be starting with the CBFM from next month. Fingers crossed you get your BFP quickly hunni xxx
  • Hi mummyB2B, Im in the same boat with a 19 month old daughter and an extreme case of broodiness!!!! I started v.laid back but am now in only month 2 starting to worry it might take us a while this time round. Ive just started looking into the CBFM - didnt know anything about it until getting back on here. Its so hard not to get completely obsessed!!

    Fingers crossed for a speedy BFP for you too! x
  • I used a CBFM last time round for 2 cycles before getting a BFP so hoping it won't take long this time around either. My cycle is all over the place, only had 1 period since coming off the pill in April so who knows when my af is due. Ah well, at least we're having fun this month xx
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