WoW I cant believe it.......

Morning ladies....

Just wanted to let you know I have just done a fmu- superdrug test and got a BFP...... imageimage
I really cant believe it, I did a clearblue test a few days ago and got a vvvvv faint line- so faint I thought I was imagining it.... :\? I did a super drug one aswell- that didnt show anything a BFN?!?
But this morning I couldnt believe my eyes.....
BFP BFP!!!! WOW imageimage
Im sooooo happy right now, just had to tell someone.:\):lol:
I am sooooo very very very luck to have got a BFP in the first month of trying.

Right I had better get the children ready for school- other wise I will be sat on here and we will be running late!!! lol

x x x


  • Ahuge Congratulations. I hope you have a very healthy and happy 9 months xx

    Maz x
  • congrats image xx
  • Congratulations x
  • wow, another one! i got my bfp this morning too with superdrug own. Its my birthday tomorrow too so great b day pressie!! see you in august thread
    anna xx
  • YAY another one, congratulations huni and well done to you and your oh. xxxxxxx

  • Wow Shay well done hunny!! Congrats on number 3!! That's brilliant news! Hope to be joining you in the pg with number 3 club very soon! imageimagexxxx
  • Congratulations and well done for managing everything so quickly!

    Wishing you a fab 9 months
  • Congrats!!.x.
  • Thank you so much for your messages- CoNrGrAtUlAtIoNs - annajumaizie you got a BFP aswell today! those superdrug tests are good- and the price is resonable aswell- would defo reccomend them! I have got a cbd, Im going to do in the morning!!! Talk about being addicted to poas!!! lol I saw it in wilkinsons today for a bargin price- ??5.97 I think- I know you all probably think I mad!!! lol
    I just cant believe it happened in the first month of trying- it has with my previous 2 aswell... I am truly a very lucky lady!
    Charlie chalk- Really hope you get your BFP soon with #3.... and all you other ladies get your's too x
    Thanx guys xx
  • congratulations!! fab news, have a H & H 9 months xxx
  • Big Congrats!!!! It's a wonderful thing!!! xxx
  • Wow!! Super fertile!! congratulations!! x
  • congrats!! x
  • Wow congrats and well done on getting your BFP first month hun xx
  • Thank you again for all your messages....
    I have POAS again this morning, on a CBD, It was so lovely to see the words come up on the screen.... it takes a while to load tho and a timer flashes up whilst you wait...I was starting to worry thinking nothing would show up!! lol
    I thought I would take it with me to show my mum today!!
    Its so hard not telling anyone, I will tell my sister, and my best friend for now as they know we have been ttc....
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