should i wait for af or risk bfn?

hi again ladies....driving myself mad here!

i am in two minds as to whether to test this friday or not.
i THINK i OV 10days ago, so about 10DPO - if i did OV.
Although, my last cycle (first since coming off pill) was 46 days, so i wouldnt be due for ages - i'm only CD19 at the mo.

what do you girls think i should do? xx


  • i would wait huni, leave it a week or so, if no af, then test, it was prob 46 days the first time coz the pill was still in ur system, so now u should be back to normal cycle time? fingers and toes crossed xxxx
  • Hi LivvyS, i would wait hun, its heartbreaking to see bfn anyway...if i were you wait another couple of week and then test, i know its hard waiting. im currently 8dpo and desperate to test - another 6 days to go!! lol xx
  • i would also advise waiting if you can stand it! i've had 2 months of bfn after bfn and then 2 months of waiting for af and the latter is definately preferable (though still not great obviously!) also you're supposed to wait coz lots of people have a chem preg before implantation and never even know about it, but if youy test early you would know and it could cause a lot of unecessary heartbreak!
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