coming off the implant (Implanon) please help

hi there

i am new to this website so sorry if its in the wrong section. i am coming off the implant next june so me and my husband can start ttc. how long does the hormones take to get out your body and how long will it be before i have a period again i havent had one since i have been on the implant nearly 3 years, also what are the side effects coming off the implant


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  • can i please get help
  • when my sister inlaw had hers removed she fell straight away! i think she had it in for a year and the pregnancy was a shock! not sure if she had a period . not much help i'm afraid. good luck when you start trying!!
  • Hiya,
    I had the implant for 2 years and because its very low dose hormones that is released, as soon as its removed, the effects are reversed immediately - as Carlyfee stated with her sister-in-law!!

    Good luck
  • hi im thinking of having mine taken out - only had it in since november 2007! lo is 13 months now and oh and i would like to start ttc. woman that put it in for me told me that you can fall pregs as soon as its removed, with no side effects!
    good luck
    kim xxx
  • I had my implant removed 4 weeks ago tomorrow and have been having unprotected sex with my partner, ive had no period or spotting but am getting early pregnancy symptoms (tender nipples, toilet frequency, nausea and being so tired). Ive done 3 home tests which have all come back negative. I bled regularly through the implant and have missed one period so ive just put the period thing down to my body going back to normal after removal. has anyone else had these symptoms when coming off the implant, i would be grateful of knowing.

  • hello ladies i just need some advice asap please i just got off the implanon 2wensdays ago i was on it for two years and before that i was on the depo im trying to concive baby num 2 they told me to not have sex 72hours before removal and i did also ive been having alot of unprotected sex since then how long will it take for me to concive ive been feeling sick and havent got my period yet ???

  • hi im laura i had my inplant removed on the 10th october this yr me and my partner are trying for a baby i had period pain in my back and in my legs on and off and a bit of cramp pain in my tommy for over 2 weeks now i keep thing im going to come on my period but it never happends can you still get period pain and still be pregnant or is it the effects of the inplant

  • Hi. Ive also had my implant taken out this year on october 23, 2012 but i havent had a period yet. my doctor also told me i could get pregnant right awaywhen it gets taken out. Ive had lower back pain like i was on my period last week but it could have been cause i was ovulating. I'll keep you posted.

  • Hi. Ive also had my implant taken out this year on october 23, 2012 but i havent had a period yet. my doctor also told me i could get pregnant right awaywhen it gets taken out. Ive had lower back pain like i was on my period last week but it could have been cause i was ovulating. My boyfriend and I have beeen having unprotected sex since ive been off it. We have also been ttc. I'll keep you posted and good luck!
  • I have had my implanon removed since jan 2013 it will be a year this jan, and i still havent concieved. i moved upstate and now i am seeing a new ob, she stated that it can take up to a yr to get out of your system and even after that she said she couldnt help me concieve until after 2 yrs, that the implanon was a birth control that slowly shuts down your eggs(thats how i was understanding it) and that with me being a younger woman(under the age of 35) I shouldnt have even been put on it. i have been having unprotected intercourse with my husband since jan and no baby, ive seen the previous posts where ladies are saying that it leaves your system quickly and that you should be on another type of birth control 7 days prior to having implanon removed..i am so confused..please help

  • hi i have have my implant out yesterday and already i have been feeling sick....dont know if that is just the fact that i could be caught or what.... lol.... ive heard that when the implant has been removed you can get pregnancy type symptoms i was just wondering if this true 

  • I had mine out 4 weeks ago starting from Friday been having morning sickness don't a. Test n not pregnant help please sick if been sick image
  • I have just had the implant removed four days ago and ever since I've been having violent headaches a metallic like taste in my mouth not wanting to eat when I do I feel nausea symptoms or feel like I'm going to literally be sick I wake up with these symptoms too not only that but I'm extremely tired and exhausted the past 3 days maybe its my body getting back to normal but I don't have a clue what is going on can someone please tell me if this happened to any of you?

    Or can anyone tell me why I am experiencing these symptoms?
  • Had implanon for 3 years.was supposed to come out in April 2014 it's expired and still in my arm I am having insurance issues  , and it's now going on October 1st. Still no period, haven't had one since they put the thing in. Still not pregnant I keep purchasing OCPK $$ and I'm starting to worry. Also I am a bbw so it definitely should have left my system quicker/less effective I have 3 children I'm 30 years old what the heck could be going on down there

  • hi yes I had my inplalnt taken out last Friday and been trying for baby I have the early signs of being pregnant did tests and northing as yet got a funny feeling that i will be on soon I did have periods on the inplant but it weren't every month tho 

  • Hi did you find out if your pregnant I had my implant taken out the 16th of June 2015 and since then I've had really bad lower back pain dunno why 

  • I got my implant out 4 months ago, the nurse said my body would go back to normal after a couple of hours! BUT they advice you not to try for a baby for at least 3 months just to let your body get back to normal and for your periods to get back to normal. I took this advice and now I am 4 weeks pregnantimage 

  • Hi I as my implant in on 16june 2015 got it took out 13july 2015 I ad it out a week an just started bleeding is there a chance I can get pregnant and wen I ad my implant in I didn't bleed plus I'm scared in case I am pregnant as I've ad a miscarriage in 7feb 2015 an do not want it to happen again any help will be a big help

  • Hello am new to this so bare with me lol

    I had my implanon removed almost 3 weeks ago and I have not had a period since removal. While on implanon I had my period all the time. Just not july. I've been having symptoms such as headaches, dizziness,nausea, darkening of nipple and a lot of mucus not sure if that's a preggo symptom thou. I've taken 6 home pregnancy test all neg. My aunt thinks it may come out neg because I may still have the birth control med in me still. HELP ME WITH ANSWERS PLS

  • Hey Ladies, 

    I am also too new at all of this, but I'm hoping my experiences will help others, and I might even get some advice.

    I got my implant out on the 27th August, not too long ago.

    My partner and I have been trying to concieve since removal, I have hopes I will fall straight away but if I dont thats okay too.

    Ive been feeling extremely nauseous and I've been getting increasing cramps since I got the implant removed, I get dizzy, lightheaded, I'm starving but I feel so sick, I keep think AF has arrived only to find out therea no sign of it, I do think alot of the sypmtoms everyone is experiencing is just your body and hormones adjusting, alot of women that have just got their implant removed are experiencing similar symptoms, although there is a chance of pregnancy as soon as its removed, It's just a waiting game, we just need to try and relax and make some fun out of it. Im hoping to find some lovely ladies to befriend to share our journies with. 

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