dont you just hate it.....

When your having an alright day/week nip to the loo and there she is just to piss you right off.................thats my fucking week so far!!!!!!! :roll:

month 22 for me :cry:

Reall starting again to feel down and i so dont want to be because its not me,i was really run down over xmas/new year and i didnt no why i just wanted to cry and cry and everyone had noticed a change in me and i just want to go into the middle of nowhere scream out loud have a huge greet then get over it............anyone o if much a place lol

sorry ladies im really miserable and ive not been much help to anyone on here of late,so sorry and i really will try more to get to know you all x


  • aww hun, im so sorry she found you. sending big hugs.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • aw chick im sorry to hear she caught you. month 22 is gonna be lucky for you!! image xx
  • Hi hunni, sorry to hear the b***h got you, I'm waiting for her to arrive aswell, Have that cry, you will feel better, and we are all entitled to feel this way at least some of the time, we're only human after all! Next month is another month and I'm keeping everything crossed for you that it happens this time. Hugs
  • Hiya G, you of all perple are allowed to be a bit down as you give us girls so much pma and advice so now it's our turn to help you. im on cd 11, started smep sunday and using opks from yesterday. I allowed myself the whole of last week (on my af) to feel demotivated and then focussed on starting smep. It's really hard to be positive but fingers crossed this month is your month x
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