Ebay cheapie OPKs

Firstly hello to anyone who remembers me....I used to be quite a regular on this forum and yes I'm back!

After swearing I wouldn't use OPKs I have bought a bucket load lol. I'm on CD14 of a my second cycle after stopping breast feeding so who know how long it will be. I have EWCM and my cervix is high and open but not a hint of a second line on the OPK. Any thoughts?

We're BD every day anyway. x


  • Hellllooo!!

    I'm back too image

    We're on month 3 and I'm also using ebay cheapies although if I don't get a BFP this month I'm going back to cbd's.

    I haven't had a line yet either and am still breastfeeding but think I ovulated on CD18/19...

    I really want a BFP before April as I have another colposcopy then which will rule us out for a month (hopefully not longer).

    Good luck to you! x
  • Hi

    I never got a positive using Ebat OPK's, but then got a definite two day peak on my first month using a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor . I was about 7 days later ov'ing than I thought - so maybe I'd have got a positive OPK - but the CBFM makes it alot easier to spot!
    If you don't get a line - maybe an idea to try one?

    Good luck to both of you though!

  • Goonie! How are you hun? I always wondered how things went with you. Well done on the BF, my boy decided he didn't want my milk at exactly 6 months, I tried for three days and cried from the rejection. AF didn't return until I'd stopped completely. I'm also being closely monitored whilst we TTC and having colposcopies every 6 months. I have 12 months to have another baby then they want to do a LLETZ. What's happening with you? How's your little man?

    Re the OPKs they must be just as useless as the cheapie HPTs. They didn't show a BFP with me until I was 5 days past AF being due! You'd have thought I'd learnt my lesson!
  • hi lisa marie image im ttc now too xx
  • Yay lovely to see some old faces back for more fun! How are things going with you hun? x
  • Hi,
    just wondered if the eBay cheapie pregnancy tests work?? They look the same as the ovulations ones??
  • things going good thanks, we've not properly tried this month as we didnt BD much at all, and i also think i may of missed ov but if i go from last weeks period id be due to ov today on CD16.... but who knows will be a bit more on it next month image xxx oh also with the OPKs i used one yest anoon had a dark like in control line and very light line in other, this morn i tested with first morning urine and the controll line was alot lighter than yest, and the second line just as light...so god knows whats going on or maybe the tests are faulty? xxx
  • hi, i havent used them this time round. though i did when i was ttc with my son and i never got a + on them. though did conceive twice. maybe i just missed the surge im not sure. but my cycles are really short just now. 1st one was 26 days 2nd one was 22 days so i might get them next month if it doesnt get any longer. as im worried that the days between OV and my AF may be too short which means that a fertlized egg wouldnt stand a chance anyway.
  • We're really good thanks, Wills is now 9.5 months and doing really well. Time is going so quickly! I know I'll cry when he weans himself off the breast too image

    Luckily my periods came back shortly after we started weaning him so I'm now on my third cycle, CD23!

    I had a LLETZ at my last colposcopy as my cells were graded CIN3. My consultant has said he will still do another colposcopy at my next appointment even if I'm pregnant but I do feel a little bit uncomfortable about that.

    Hopefully everything will be ok this time and there will be no need for further treatment, fingers crossed!

    I've used my last ebay cheapie now so if I don't get a BFP on Sat I'm going to treat myself to some cbd's.

    Berly my luteal phase has always been only 10 days so if you're ovualting early enough a short cycle might be ok?


  • Good luck every one. I think cheapie tests are rubbish! I got a strong BFP on a FR the day of a missed AF and a BFN on a cheapie. It took another five days to become positive! I'm thinking the OPKs are the same.

    Berly my lutal phase is only 10 days and I've conceived three times, lets hope you OV early.

    Goonie I had two colposcopies during my last pregnancy and they took smears too with no problems at all. My cells are somewhere between CIN1 & 2 and I would rather wait to have my 3rd and final baby before treatment. There is a slight chance of prem labour and prem rupture of membranes after LLETZ and after two homebirths with no interventions I don't want things to go tits up for my last labour. How was the treatment by the way? I have another Col and biopsy next week so fingers crossed nothing has changed.
    Fingers crossed for Sat....will you wait that long?? x x
  • good luck with all girls ice to have some familiar faces around xxx
  • Argh Lisa Marie don't say that!! My consultant tried to assure me he'd only be concerned about complications with futures pregnancies if I'd had 3 or more LLETZ. What if I need one again this time though image I obviously can't risk it because my cell changes were the highest grade of abnormal x
  • I'm so sorry hun, I've just read that back and realise how awful I've made it sound! We have chicken pox in the house at the mo and I'm very sleep deprived but no excuse.
    To explain myself, if I had CIN3 cells I would not think twice about treatment and you have completely done the right thing without doubt. My situation is that my cells fluctuate between 1&2 and they had chose to only observe them. When we decided to TTC I called the team to ask them what their advice was. They had a meeting and decided they should do a 'quick LLETZ' on a just incase basis with the atitude of benefits outweighing the risk. They were very blase` about
    it all which lead me to do a ton of research and get a second opinion.
    There is a risk but it's small and the risk is preterm as in before 37 weeks and only by a week or so, so not serious. Some people may think that a shortened pregnancy with no effect of the baby would be great (wouldn't we all) but homebirth is important to me and I would not be allowed one before 37 weeks. My consultant told me that most women are nervous during a third pregnancy anyway as they feel they are just pushing their luck and so the thought of not having labour the way I want it would be an extra burden, something I wasn't willing to go through.
    All could change next week if things have got worse I will have treatment and draw a line under the fact I have two healthy children and count myself very lucky.
    Does that make more sense?
    I'm sure all will be well with you hun and you will get your BFP very soon (hopefully this week) and go onto have a completely normal pregnancy and birth. Some woman who have had cone biopsies go past term!
    Have you heard of the Jo's Trust website. Take a look it's great.
    Fingers crossed for you. x x x

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  • Its ok Lisa, I know you didn't mean it to upset me.

    I was hoping for a home birth with Wills but it wasn't meant to be.

    If I am lucky enough to fall pregnant again I really hope my treatment hasn't affected my chances of one next time.

    Thank you for the information though, I'm going to be grilling my consultant abit more thoroughly when I see him next month.

    Thanks for the website too, I'm definitely going to take a look.

    Fingers crossed for March BFP's for us all x

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