not a good sign?

morning ladies. . Well was due on wed or yesterday. . This am got negative test. Also some not pink but brown coloured discharge. . Could be start of period? Got constant back ache also. And pain in ovary. The witch is coming ain't she lol?! X i decided next month Im gonna be a relaxed ttc. . Cos this does me head in ha ha. .
Up for work now. . To meet the wicked witch of late :evil: x X X


  • know how u feel my af was due on weds and did a test this morning and it was negative, so waitin for the witch to arrive, wish it'd hurry up lol so i can move onto next month ha ha. xx
  • bless you babe. . Feel exactly same as you!. . I decided to buy myself something to cheer myself. . Chip shop for dinner lol. . No period yet. . But not holding my breath x X
  • I was same earlier in the week, it's horrible hon isn't it? Now I'm on CD3 trying to look forward to trying again, I've eaten loads of chocolate though lol...jump aboard my PMA train hon, there's plenty of room xx
  • Hiya hun I was the same this month I was due on Monday but only had something when I wiped, Tuesday I had nothing, and Wednesday she came with evangence! so now i'm waiting for her to sod off again so I can get on with the job in hand lol xxxxx
  • ha ha i Will. . Why do we always think that just maybe its not over yet lol Im bonkers but known that for long time lol X X
  • thanks chick your lovely x X
  • awwww booey hope ur ok! she hast come yet, so its not over xxxxxx
  • Hey hun hope your feeling better....I am the same hun currently on CD33 and eagerly waiting the wicked witch to show her face....ate far too many dohgnuts yesterday and cookies....wish she would hurry up though so I can move to the next month.....{{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}}}} XX
  • thanks all you lovley ladies! soo sweet!....absol no blood..just light brown discharge umm...(here we go again lol)...and thats gone bad type pains just a niggling in right ovary...WIsh me luck ladies n to the rest of u "good luck" BFP is coming for someone soonies image i can feel it in me bones haha xxx
  • keep us updated or fb me if she comes so i can sware at her and give her a peice of my mind image

    dont worry KA...i will let you all know with my :cry: hehe! xx
  • booey r u on fb? im amiee last x
  • im not mrsme, used to be, but deleted meself lol....this is my new FB haha x
  • Good luck Booey!
  • hi ladies!...
    well absol no sign still of period...some tiny brown discharge this morning and zilch! cramps really either? u think its positive??xx
  • could of been implatation?
  • .....even more confused. lol.
  • yeah me too. Got few pains near+belly button. If i was like two days late do you think if this is my period today i should have blood? X X
  • exactly.... ooo i just dunno!? i wanna try give u advice or help or something... but im just totally stumped and confused! lol. just kep waiting, and still if no af test again... with fmu! lol xxxx
  • yeah i don't no either. I think am 3day+late now. . Boobs feel very sore and i feel very tired. Having few off type pains still. Somethin going off down there ha ha. . Not seen no blood so that good sign i guess. X X i reckon if am getting period it Will come tomorrow x X
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