tryin for baby 3

hi weve decided to try for baby number 3 my two children james 4 and emily 2 is any one else trying for baby num 3 and what are your childrens age gaps ximage


  • we are trying for baby number 3 to i have a 5 year old and a 3 year old we have been trying for 20 months now i have PCOS don't have reg AF'S not much else to say really

  • Hi Ladies,

    I am trying for number 3 as well. My son is almost 4 and my dd almost 2 and a half. Not sure how long we have been trying for-I came off the pill in June last year but we had a TTC break after a chemical pregnancy in August. We've been back on the TTC horse so to speak for a few months now.

    Here's to our BFP's being just round the cornerimage

  • Hi am trying for bby no3 I have two dd's one is 14 and youngest one is 21 months hoping that this age gap won't be as long! been trying about 3 months ... hoping to get a bfp soon

    baby dust to all xx
  • weve been trying 2 months i had a misscarrige last may but baby wasnt planned but i would realy love my baby back! we are getting grief off familys why do you want another one youve got one of each its so annoying dose anybody else have this x
  • Sorry to g/c as we're only TTC number 2, but thats horrible James16!
    I can't believe they are asking you that! What's it to them if you have another baby? I personally want 2 boys (already have 1 son) and although I only really want 2 children I know if I had a girl next we'd probably have a third just to try for another boy!!
    Don't know why but thats really got my goat!! Oooh! I hate it that people think a family is "complete" with one of each - its down to each individual family as to when they feel complete!

    Sorry, rant over! image
    PS so sorry to hear about your m/c as well, hope you get a sticky bean soon! xx

  • Yeah james16- I have had comments too. My family are great and I love them-but I have had comments too. Oh well, I know they will love the baby once it's here-people always seem to have an opinion on how many children you should have etc, seems weird to me, I would never pass comment on others situations!

  • i remember when i had my second and baby number one was about 1 can not remember how old lol well anyway i was at work and my manger said to me i would get rid of it your 1st is not even 5 yet i said what and she jut kept saying stuff like that in the end i just said you were the one who decided not to have kids get off my back was a little harsh but she had no right at the end of the day

  • thanx girls i know its so annoying they will love it once its here! how long have yous all been trying and where in your cycle r yous all x
  • hi

    We are trying for baby no. 4, but when baby no. 3 was born DS was 4yrs 9mths & DD was 2 years 7 months.

    Now they are DS just turned 8, DD1 just turned 6 & DD2 is 3years & 5 months.

    Best of luck image
  • hi katy jo is it hard work with 3 or is it easier x
  • Hiah,

    At first it was grand no difference really, no extra help needed or anything, but in my opinion i think toddlers to older children are much harder work than babies I think I could deal with far more babies together (if they were as good as my own 3 were like :lolimage but im not sure i could manage many more older kiddies!! now they able to play together & talk & walk, sometimes its a bit of a nightmare! The girls play nice alot of the time but there are fights & I find that there is usually one left out usually my son. Im finding It's getting tougher as they are getting older. I was told by a few mothers of 3 before i got pg with DD3 to have 2 or 4 but dont have 3 they all said the same - theres always 1 left out.

    funny I put a post on the large families forum ages ago to ask did mothers of 4 agree with that & the majority of them said yes! if you look at my other topics you should find that post.

    Saying that if i had just 2 im sure they would fight, tell tales & get on each others nerves too!!

    KJ. x
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