Don't think we've done it this month...

So this month I was going for the casual approach, but looking back don't think we have done enough. I was using OPK's just out of interested and got two lines on Friday. However, didn't get round to BD'ing on Friday, twice on Saturday and then due to work we haven't Bd'd since. Think the timing is all off so looks like it's next month for us. Bit disappointed, but it's my birthday tomorrow so I'm just gonna enjoy and get back on track next month!

Good luck to everyone! x


  • You never know hon, with ds we only bd once around the right time so it's not over yet. Good pma though xxx
    Happy B'Day for Friday x
  • I'm really trying to be a bit more relaxed this month. Last month I had totally convinced myself I was pregnant and was symptom spotting every day! Got a bit much, so this month I'm just taking it as it comes. I know it sounds stupid, but I actually want to enjoy making a baby and not get to the stage just yet where hubby has to perform on demand! image With one thing and another timing just wasn't right this month, off away for a break tomorrow till Tuesday so gonna relax and unwind!

    I suppose it's possible it might have happened, but I'm not too hopeful. If it does then it would be fantastic, if not onto month 3 for us!

  • Did you bd before your positive at all? Think it's a good idea to go for the relaxed approach. I'm using the CBFM for the first time this month and it's actually relaxing me quite a lot feeling like i'm a bit more in control. Happy birthday and enjoy your break hun
  • Happy Birthday in a couple of hours!!
    It's not over till AF shows up...
    Baby dust :::::::::
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