*waves* I'm back after a long time!

Hello everyone :\)

Well just to explain I used to be here last year but me and my OH ended up splitting and so everything ended..


I have had the most amazing year, and the time with my new Fiance has been amazing! I am Engaged and getting married August 2011, also move into our home in march, so i'm pretty excited. Well i'm here as we have decided to try for a baby. My OH has a few fertitly problems and i'm seeing a doctor about being checked as recommended by his specialist, so we know we could be in this for a long time yet!
I finished my pill on tuesday and now waiting for AF to show so I can start dating things. And I know some people will prob say we haven't been together too long and all that as i've seen it before but this is our choice and both our familys are very happy with our choice :\)

Sorry for the essay lol

So Hiiiiii :\)


  • Hey xSamix - i remember you from before - I am so pleased for you that everything has turned out well. Congratulations and good luck with everything. unfortunately I am still here but moved on to lttc. Xx
  • hello there

    so pleased things have worked out so well :\) good luck TTC, hope it doesnt take too long and you get your little bundle before the wedding image

    33 weeks
  • Hello!! I remember you from before...welcome back!
    And lots and lots of babydust your way xxx
  • Hey xsamix, glad you are back! I'm not TTC again (my dd is coming up for four months now!) but I saw your post so thought I would say hey

    Best of luck hun xx
  • welcome back hun, so glad everything has worked out great for you. good luck with ttc and hope you dont have to wait to long for your bfp.xxx
  • Hey!! I remember u!!

    My story is similiar to yours!! After having ectopic I split with OH but have met some1 else who is amazing!! We decided to TTC and Im now 5 weeks+5days!!! Had a scan yesterday and everything is in the right place!!

    Fingers crossed 4 that BFP soon!! xx
  • I remember you too welcome back hun and best of luck with TTC. So pleased to hear life is going so well for you now. Heres to a speedy BFP for you.



  • Hi there,

    Welcome back. Glad you have had an amazing year and wish you all the best TTC x
  • Hi *waves*

    I'm pretty new so don't know you from the last time but just wanted to say you have no need to explain yourself hun, there is always going to be them people that say you should wait...you should...you don't blah blah..I'm engaged as well, wedding is set for May 2012 and we're ttc as well, I leaked the info to my bridesmaid expecting her to be as excited as me but her first response was "really, why?"...was very disappointing to me but hi ho we're happy about it and that's what matters. I'm rambling now, sorry, my point is if it feels right to you both then it's none of anyone elses business!

    Good luck hun xx
  • Hey hun, I also remember you from TTC. I had heard you and your OH split up and I'm so glad you have found happiness again. I have a little boy of 7 weeks now so am definitely not TTC at the moment lol. Just wanted to pop in and say hi and sending you loads of good luck and PMA.

    C and Jack xx
  • Hey hun

    I remember you from ttc, Im so glad everything has worked out for you this time around hun, hope it dosent take to long for you both.

    Take care Toyah
    12 + 0 xx
  • Hiya Hunny
    Glad everything is good for you!!! After 13 months ttc I am now 14+1!!! very excited
    Hope it doesnt take too long for you!!!
  • Hello hun, welcome bac!!
    Im so pleased to hear how things have worked out for you, it all sounds very exciting!
    Im looking forward to catching up, good luck, love Debs xxxxx
  • Wow so many names I reconise and some new ones too :\)

    Congrats to all of you that got your BFPs!

    Wigzy - I'm glad that i'm not the only one it happened too lol! And so happy you found someone else too, its amazing isn't it, you think you may not be happy again and then they come along and change everything :\)

    And just so you all know AF showed today so its begun! image
  • I'm not ttc again (my lo is 6 1/2mths now!) but wanted to say welcome back and good luck! It is great you are in such a good and happy place again!
  • Hi xsamix, welcome back to ttc. I remember you from before, (I was **TB**). I'd been a lurker whilst waiting to start ttc, but now 'in the thick of it' after treatment for abnormal cells.

    So pleased to see you back, and happy with your new man! Best of luck for a speedy bfp hon.

    I pop on occasionally (BE was becoming an obsession!) so hope to see more posts on your progress.

  • Hello ** waves ** I remember you

    So glad ur happy x

    I am still here image month 15 image

    Gems xx
  • Thankies all image

    Feels good to be back here and i'm all excited for our new journey and i'm sure the wedding planning will help keep my mind off it at times lol
  • Hey hun,
    Firstly congrats on the engagement and house move.
    Its great to see you back. Sounds like you had a rough time splitting up with OH but its fantastic that you have found happiness are back here again raring to go lol. You had a different avatar before didnt you? A pic of you if i remember? Its great to have you back as we used to chat quite a bit before and I used to look forward to your replies lol.

    I am also over in LTTC and PCOS as we have been TCC for nearly 17 months now and I have been diagnosed with PCOS,

    Again its great to have you back and I look forward to catching up with you.

    S image
  • Hey honey
    I remember you, so pleased everything has worked out for you after a rough time. These thinsg are sent to try us!
    I can't beleive it but i'm 36 weeks pregnant today! Pretty amazing to get this far and sending you lots of baby dust honey.

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