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Back at Hospital today (also in LTTC) discuss the fertility results so far and the next step if any. I still didn't meet with this elusive consultant whose name appears on all my letters and appointment info/notes etc..... who/where is he????? (done in my best BB Nikki voice) :lol:

They eventually called me in 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment.... I'm quite chilled about that kind of thing generally, I had a good book with me...... but when you're surrounded by dozens of pregnant women there for their exciting scans it's not so good :cry:

So I go in and am met by a doctor who picks up my file for what was obviously the first time, she has a flick through and says well all is ok with all your results and you're still young (oooh thanks... ...28) so keep trying, get your OH to re-do his SA and book an appointment for 4 months time. 2/3 minutes tops, I took a half days holiday for that?? Could that not have been done over the phone??!! Sorry girls I shouldn't moan, that's good news I should be grateful for!!

I asked what DH's 2% Morphology meant for us in terms of our chances of falling pg naturally and she said something about they don't have much research on how the morpology does when the count is ok... only when the count is low too, but basically it's not impossible but may take a while.... words I basically said/asked and she nodded.... trying to get rid of me I think... I'd probably been in there for a whole 3/4 minutes by this time...!

So I book my appt for December, joking with the receptionist that I hope I don't need it - I need to giggle after queuing behind two adorable happy couples with their lovely baby bumps booking their next exciting scan... if I don't I'll cry!! :lol::cry:

So I'm on my way... I buy a bottle of water in the gift shop and seem to really surprise the elderly shop assistant when I ask her to put my change in the charity tin... was only like 12p... I go to the pay station nearly put my ticket in the wrong slot, catch the kiosk attendants eye and laugh at myself, he says something about how expensive it's getting, as I put my first ??1 in I say 'if I'd have not gone to the shop it would've been a ??1 cheaper I was just over the hour' laughing and he says press cancel I'll do it for a ??1 for you, I say 'oh no it's fine I don't mind'.. he insisted... bless him so I felt a bit brighter and spirit lifted in human nature..... Pay it forward....!

Bit of a dull update but there we are..... target.... won't need 2nd Dec appt!!!!!!!! ;\)

~OP xx


  • Ah that's a bit frustrating OP. We have the same thing with our consultant. Turned up to our first appt with him to see a big sign saying 'Dr X is not in clinic today'. There was no explanation as to the other guy we saw or who he was!

    It's so hard not to be disappointed after taking the time off and having waited for the appt. Let's hope you're right and you won't need the Dec appt! X
  • Am sorry you found today frustrating.
    Fingers crossed you will be booking your exciting scan in December instead
  • See Op someone was looking down on you and trying to make you feel better!! Nice man in carpark don't see them very often! When will DH get to re do his SA....hope it shows some improvments for you and really hope you don't need that appointment come december, or if you do it's changed to a lovely scan appointment and then you'll need another bottle of water to fill you up to busting point image
    Lots of luck xx
  • Thanks girls.... Em7- DH is struggling to get any time off work to re-do his SA he works in London 8-6 and the lab hours are 10-3 so it's not easy. He had some time off when I had my first appointment and re-did it then and the lab bloody tested for the wrong things- grrr! He's only just quit the booze so it might be worth waiting a month or two longer and seeing if that has any effect anyway.
    OP xx
  • hey chick

    sorry to hear it was a waste of time, cant believe they send you to same place as pg women thats so insensitive.

    regards consultants ive come to the conclusion that the person signing the letters doesnt exist ive visted consultants for loads of things and only met one of the 'named' consultants.

    really have everything crossed for you before december

  • I hope you get your BFP before Dec x x
  • I know its good news but jeez, could the consultant not have spent a bit more time making you feel good about this and giving you as much information as they can!

    Anyway you won't need them - carpark man has obviously brought you luck with his kindness so roll on your lovely pre-christmas BFPimage
  • That's what I thought L+N after a 45 min wait you'd at least make someone feel like they weren't being rushed out!!

    Oh well like you saw, kindness from a stranger is a lovely thing and maybe my luck will continue! x
  • Oh OP,

    I really really hope that you don't need your Dec appt and that it is your turn very very soon.

    Feeling rushed out and unheard is really hard, I can't believe how the whole system works.

    Thinking of you.

  • Thanks poppet xx
  • Dearest OP.

    December, Decshmember. Not for our lovely lady thank you very much!

    You my lovely, will have your BFP before then, I'm sure of it. You gone through the mill lately and now they've confirmed everything is ok (triple yay!!), you can get back to the fun part of baby-making with hubby!

    Sending you soo much babydust hon. In fact, I've cleared out all there was in stock!

  • Sorry gatecrashing BUT, Can I just say that I have followed the ttc(while ttc myself) but never posted, some of you ladies have been soo upbeat about it I really admire how strong you are and for the consultant to brush you off is bloomin disugsting(sp?).
    I also think that wether it be 12p or ??120 you give to charity it comes right back at you ten fold so heres wishing you alot of luck and hope that you can shove that Dec appointment right up the consultants A**e and get your BFP very soon hun.

    Not sure if this makes sense but you should be proud of yourself for getting through all the trials etc of ttc. Goodluck xxxxxxx


  • TB- thank you my darling as always xxxx

    Thanks for gatecrashing babs and making me smile!! I hope I've got some karma points I'm volunteering for a charity every week too.... hope someone somewhere is keeping tabs lol!! xxxxxxxxxxx
  • hun i hope you get your bfp soon and you dont need that appointment except for a scan of your own! xxxxxxxx
  • Thanks Diane xxxx
  • Hey OP,

    Why is it that DR's have to be so insensitive about these things. It's there job!

    Saw what a nightmare you've had with DH and the wedding. I hope he gets his bum sorted soon and gets his SA re-done. Sending you tons of sticky babydust for a qucik BFP, you've waited more than long enough now.

    Love and hugs.
    Sam xxx
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