Exciting tingly feeling!!

had to post on here because I think I am going to burst with excitement!! I have got strange tingly feelings just below my knicker line!! It's not constant but every now and then I feel a little flutter!! This has happened over 3 days now! AF is 3 days late but that doesn't mean anything as I am really irregular since coming off the pill.

OH has also said he has got a good feeling this month! Very unlike him as he is always on the pesimistic side. Is this a sign?
Has anybody else had this? Just hoping my mind isn't playing tricks on me.

Trying to hold off testing till Saturday, think I''ll explode before then xx
Fingers crossed for me x image


  • Fingers crossed you get your bfp!!! You're very good holding for so long! xxx
  • Fingers crossed for you, it sounds promising!
    Good luck!
  • Thank you, I'm very excited but also scared!! Done some research tonight and apparently it's far too early even if I am to feel anything like that!!
    Haven't had anything like it before though!

    Gotta be strong and not test till the weekend, it's like a mantra at the mo!

    Good luck to everyone xx
  • I wouldn't worry about reading that it would be too early to feel things, lots of ladies feel things from very early pregnancy so it could be stretching that isn't pain like, yet!

    I can't believe that you're waiting until Saturday image I couldn't :lol:

    Good luck & lots of babydust xx
  • Good luck, I hope its a bfp for you!!! xx
  • Today tingly flutters weren't as strong but had some mini cramps!! Hope it is AF on her way, still holding out to test of Sat. Nearly broke today and went to pharmacy but finished work too late!! Probably a good thing xx
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