Hi girls,

I had another one of those horrible but wonderful dreams last night, I got my BFP, I was ssssooo happy and excited and was late at night and the first thing I dont was come on here and put on my post.
It felt so real as it was exactly where I am if that makes sense, cd7 and i shouldnt be pg at all!!
God I so want to have that feeling, I cannot remember how that feels and honestly cant imagine it happening again.
The last time I had a dream like that was months ago. image

PMA and baby dust to all***********



  • I have heard that what you dream about comes true, so maybe this will be your month!!!

    Good luck
  • oooh I hope so but then again when I was pg with lo I had a dream that I gave birth to her myself by pulling on umbilical cord and she came out walking and talking!! Glad that didnt come true LOL it was disturbing enough dreaming about it! x
  • I have been watching Home Birth Diaries and Baby story like a maniac and every night i have a dream about giving birth. I watched a Take That concert on tv the other night and the dream merged...i was having a baby and Take That were there helping me!!!!! A strangely erotic dream... lol lol!!!!
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