Anyone cd1?

Fancy a few cycles buddies for the next month? i have cycles from 28-45 days so doesn't really class anyone out lol

Feeling a bit miserable this month yet again,tears no longer come I'm more angry nowadays that we still haven't yet been able to conceive and coming up to the 2 year mark and so blame myself for being overweight :cry:


  • AF is due around the 8th so I'll join you :\)

    Have you seen the doctor yet hun? *Hugs* xxx
  • ok chick welcome aboard so to speak lol.......although you still have 7 days yet to get your BFP image

    havnt seen a doctor yet chick,when i had my smear after we had been ttc 9 month she told me to lose weight first!!! i am over weight but im not huge,so havtn much had the confidence yet to go back

  • That's so harsh. I'm overweight too but not massive and it would really knock me if I was told this. I don't blame you not wanting to go back. Could you see someone else? I'm generalising, but it seems to me that some doctors will jump on the underweight/overweight issue instead of trying to get to the bottom of what's wrong.

    Sorry for the rant, am really angry on your behalf!

    No BFP for me, this will be our first cycle trying. AF is definitely on her way, I was getting so ragey for no reason yesterday and the dull ache has begun. Still, when you're trying I suppose it's a good thing to have them :\) x
  • CD1 for me too - i've had minimal spotting the last few days but today a bit more than that so I'll consider today day 1.... I have regular cycles of 28 to 30 days...... DH is only home for 11 days so no chance of a BFP anytime soon either :cry: but still hoping I could get lucky and have another February baby if we schedule his trips right in May :lol:

    I'll join the overweight club - last year I lost 30 lbs and I think I put on 35!! It's been a stressful year and to me that equals comfort food :roll:

  • Sorry grudie. It sounds like your doctor has been slightly insensitive too image I hope this is your month and we all have big bumps at xmas image

    I'm on CD2, month 5 and will be making a trip to the doctors myself as my luteal phase has only been 8/9 days image

    It will be nice to have some cycle buddies this month x
  • Hi Ladies, my cycle is between 28-33 days, some months its 28 and some its 33 so keep getting confused about whether im late or not!! Im overweight and i do wonder if that is hampering us conceiving!! Im in month 12 of TTC xx
  • :cry: sorry she got you honey xxx
  • yay for cycle buddies image

    well this months af is a right bitch,ive had an on off head ache all day and major cramping,im just after a bit of normality in my life,just my cycles my house is too crazy for normality lol :lol: before i could tell more or less to the same date each month she would come and now i havnt a clue,this cycle i started spotting cd 28...i never spot and last month my cycle was 45 days long and not a peep of her until that day...shes just messing with my happiness lol

    well ladies this HAS to be our month,i wanted a 2009 baby and wont even get a 2010 one whats that all about ggrrrrrrr
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