Anyone else bought pre-seed.....??

Hi girls, a quick question for you. I've just bought some pre-seed from Ebay and it comes with 15 ov sticks and 5 pg tests too. Bit of a bargain for the lot at ??10.99 so I'm not convinced they'll be any good but anything is worth a try!! It's not that I really need pre-seed myself but (sorry tmi!) sometimes you can do with a 'helping hand' when you've got to bd and not quite ready or in the mood, if you know what I mean!! - Sorry!!image

Has anyone else bought this from Ebay? Do the OV sticks work? I tend to have a pretty regular cycle; somewhere between 26 and 29 days but haven't really noticed all the signs for ov myself so thought they might help....???



  • My preseed off ebay didn't come with any freebees so you've got yerself a bargain!! I've only used Clear Blue digital ov sticks so don't know about the ebay ones. Will get some though after this month (if I need them, fingers crossed not!!) as cbd ones are pricey. My cycles vary from 24 to 29 days so I found using ov sticks just gave me a definate time for ov. Some people find that makes it more pressured but for me it makes me feel better knowing i'm bd at the right time!!

    Hope it works for you
  • Thanks dg. I don't think ov sticks will make me feel under pressure too much. I'm not really like that. I think, Iike you, it will just give me a definite time to pin down (no pun intended!!!) my dh!! It's hard enough that we both work 12 hour days and have to try to fit in bding as it is! Would be even better if we knew exactly when to do it!!

    As the age old saying goes 'if it's too good to be true, then it probably isn't' so I'm not going to hold out much hope for the ebay stuff but will keep you posted!

    Thanks for your help.

    MrsH xxxx
  • i used preseed and got my bfp in april. 2nd month of using it!!!

  • Fab news discodiva!!! I have positive vibes for next month (as I defo know I'm not pg this month cos never quite got round to bding at the right time - work!!). Congratulations to you and have a happy and healthy prenancy. xxxxx
  • Hi MrsHopeful,
    I've used ov sticks from ebay, they were via baby mad which is where I go direct now. It took a couple of months for me to get used to them but now I cant go without! Just make sure you bd on the days when you get 2 lines, even if one's lighter. I wasted time waiting for the 2 lines to be the same colour but I've never had that! I use pre seed to, mainly because of your point about not always being in the mood! I wouldn't do without that now either!

    Best of luck ttc
    Zoe x
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