FAO Snugglenush

Hi hun,

Have you still got aunty visiting mine has been coming and going and has now gone again!!!

I have counted CD1 as yday tho but I havent really had a full flow how odd eh.

Anyway I saw your post and we have same testing date and EDD again, really hope January is both of our months.

I am going to do the SMEP this month too and already had my rude veg.

Fingers crossed for us both xx


  • bumped

    Hi hun didnt think you saw this the other night.

  • Hia no I missed this one sorry!!
    Makes me feel all important having an FAO agian lol.
    Yes AF is still very much with me - I normally have quite long visits from her tbh. It is in full flow with now sign of stopping - had a really really painfuol CD1 too. I forgot how bad my periods were before I went on the pill!!

    Yeah it is exciting to have a cycle buddy!! I just hope I don't have a 40 day cycle again - 35 days is long enough to wait!!

    Are you feeling better now? I know you were a bit down earlier - I did reply but been out so not seen any more replies to post. I'm feeing quit upbeat at the moment - my sisters horoscopes said i was gonna get my BFP in jan hehe. I just hope it comes true!!

    Am now very much looking forward to AF leaving so I can get started with the BD'ing!!

    Good luck sweety!!
  • Hi chick,

    Well thats the thing I havent really had an af as such argh.....its doing my head in and have convinced myself its with all the stress as tested today at 21dpo and it would have shown by now right?

    I suppose only time will tell, I classed 26th as CD1 as did have a tissue full of blood but no af when taking tampon out (sorry if tmi) hun.

    Yeah I am feeling a bit better now its just so strange and I was kinda hoping same thing was happening with your af seen as how you got yours late too. Not that i wish you to have irregular cycles or anything just it would have made more sense. I cant believe I am letting my body stress me out so much but today I have had a weird cramp in my belly and not in an af way.

    I just hope my cycles go back to normal as I really wanna get my BFP soon xx
  • They will do - it is probably just like you say - the stress of ttc. Stress and illness can do funny things to a girls cycle!
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