**Advice needed please**

Hi Ladies,
Just wanted a little bit of advice really...
AF is usually between 28-33 days so this month i got to day 30 and tested and had what i thought was a BFN, then tested again at day 36 as no AF and got a very faint BFP. I sent a pic to a couple of friends who could see the line!! i then started bleeding on day38 image
I found the test i did at day 30 last night and when i looked properly there was another faint 2nd line on that one too, id flung it across the room in a strop the day i did it as it looked like it was going to be BFN... I have no idea whats happened and am getting quite down bout it now...
Love to all
Soph xx


  • i did one the day after i started bleeding and it was BFN, I've bought another and im gonna do it in the morning but am guessing it'll be negative too xx
  • Oh honey its sounds like you may have had a chemical pregnancy. As Keri-Anne said though lots of women do have bleeds early on and all is ok. Did you use FMU with the recent tests?

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