I feel sooo rough :(

I wish I knew what was going on!! Last month I had a 40 day cycle (I am on day 29 today) - However I am 99% sure I ovulated on CD16 / 17 or thereabouts which would suggest this is a shorter cycle. For the last 10 days I have had mild AF type pain, and then yesterday it was really bad and low in stomach and back, and I had pains in legs and lots of CM. Nipples are also sore. Then last night about midnight I had the most chronic bout of nausea and dizziness. You know when you get that saliva in your mouth and really think you are going to hurl?? It lasted about an hour. Today I have bad pains still and 1/2 hour ago started feeling mildly nauesous again!! I am also quite bloated!!

What does anyone think - does it ring any bells wih anyone?


  • that doesn't sound like any af symptoms i've ever had! It sounds really positive so fingers crossed and try not to hurl on the keyboard!
  • lol!! thanks ,min510_0!! i am trying my best!!
  • lol!! thanks ,min510_0!! i am trying my best!!
  • Could be very positive although I had really bad nausea before my last AF. When are you planning to test?
  • I am not sure as don't know if cycle has shortened or not?! I thought maybe on saturday (CD32), and if BFN then wait til past 40days unless AF arrives!
  • I would go by your last cycle and test on the day AF would be due. It's easier said than done though. I thought I'd be more restrained than all the poas addicts here, but I did three last month.
  • I will try - but don't know if I can hold out- that's 11days away!! lol!!
  • can't resist POAS!!!!
  • Hi immense, I think your luteal phase is 14 days, you should test close to when af would be due, based on when you think you ov'd. You might b disappointed by bfn, but you know you still have time for the bfp! xx
  • Hi Mithical - that was what I was thinking - if I ov'd around CD16-17 then I would be due tomorrow or friday (CD30/31), hence why I thought Saturday to test! Then if BFN - do again on CD40 as per last month if no AF!! Still feel nauseous!! lol!!
  • Yeah I've had about 4 waves of nausea today, but only 6dpo so could be nothing. xx
  • Good luck and hope it is a BFP for you.
  • Go on!
    POAS!!!!!! POAS!!!!!! POAS!!!!!! POAS!!!!!! POAS!!!!!! POAS!!!!!! POAS!!!!!! POAS!!!!!! POAS!!!!!! POAS!!!!!! POAS!!!!!! POAS!!!!!!


  • Hi honey - how are you feeling now??

    k XX


  • How are you doing? Have you resisted or poas yet?

    I have resisted so far!! I am going to POAS on saturday morning!! Just to give it the best chance possible to show!! If BFN, then i will test again on CD40 / 41 ish (29 / 30 June).

    K-lou - I feel fine today - sorry haven't replied yet - but been doing my last accountancy exam this morning!! Oh the stress!! lol!! i shall see if anything happens later as the worst nausea seems to come on then if i get it!!

    i am not getting hopes up too much as it will be a miracle if it is with all the stress I have had with my exams!! i will keep you all updated!
  • POAS!!! Sorry to butt in but I only get on hear when I'm at work and I'll be dying to know if you've done it all weekend!!

    I'm sure there are others that will too!!

    Maybe POAS tomorrow....? Pretty please.....!!




  • lol mrs hopeful!! Do you get your email at home? My thinking is I can still resist until saturday, and send you a PM!!
  • I don't Immense. DH managed to bust the whole thing! Doh!

    Just realised, I am at work Saturday morning though so if you post quickly I'll catch it before I leave!

    Showering you in absolute bucket loads of sticky babydust!!

    Good luck!!

  • thank you - what time do you work until? I will be doing it before 11am!
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