Off the pill and suffering!

Who knew that coming off the pill would be so horrible?! So far I am suffering with backache, headaches, nausea, sleeplessness and forgetfulness! (Oh and moaning, can you tell?!)
Does this ease after the first few months?
If only I was a lucky 16 year old and managed to get myself preggers whilst taking the pill, then I could just have pregnancy side affects instead of going through this!
Oh it'll all be worth it tho when I get my BFP (I'm full of PMA!)

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  • Hi,
    I came off the pill in September and I didn't really experience any of periods became regular within 2 months which was great - gawd I sound like I'm rubbing it in.

    Anywho....I think eventually it all starts to even out. How long had you beenon the pill for?
  • I was exactly the same! It was awful! My boobs ached, and I had really bad 'period style pains'. It does go after a couple of weeks though!
  • i completely sympathise- i was a complete irrational cowbag when i came off the pill! thankfully that brief madness has resolved and i'm more normal (although occsionally irrational, and sometimes a cowbag!)

    bear with the crazy hormones- they will sort themselves out!

    good luck with ttc
  • Oh Lovely Girl, I am soooo jealous!
    But thanks to Rucky and LittleB, I feel better that I'm not the only one!
    Been on the pill for 10 years without a break, so I guess it'll take a little readjusting eh?! Glad it doesn't hang around for too long, thanks girls!! x
  • Hi, I'm with Rucky. I felt AWFUL for about 2-3 weeks after stopping my pill. I stopped it at the end of Sept 09 and I've had two AF's since then. I too was on it for about 10 years and it totally stopped my periods so fingers crossed you'll adjust quickly, like I did xx
  • I felt absolutely awful the first month off the pill, was even sick and boobs were so sore that I convinced myself that I had been lucky first month...OV pains were horrendous but it got better in second month and third was like before starting pill
    hope you feel better soon
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