Oh my God, is anybody watching OBEM??? That baby is sooooo tiny. To think its still legal to terminate at the time that little one survived!!


  • awww i know, she is soooo teeny weeny, i said that 2 OH about terminating n he said i was lyin 2 had 2 google it n show him!!!

    love this programme!!

  • I was in tears before the opening credits. The parents are all so brave.
  • It's a realy tearjerker tonight, I hope they show us Williamand Izzie going home

  • yeah it is a shame that you can terminate at such a time need to bring it down as there was a 19 week old baby that survived but i don't blame people for doing it tho as if you cant look after it or even give it what it wants there will be more unwanted children if you get what i mean


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