when to bed round ov week?

Hi i am in my fertile week according to my ov calender, just want to know what is the best way to go, bed every day this week, or every other day, or would i miss it, this is only 4 month ttc so early days, but with my first took me 8 months, so hoping would not take me this long again, i used ov tests last time i was trying and they never picked up me oving, so went with my cm, so with it being my fertile week, what do you ladys think is best ????

Pink H


  • I personally would go every day around ov , lol have fun
  • Apparently sperm quality is higher when you BD every other day (I watched The Great Sperm Race the other day...fascinating)
  • Id go every other day. thats what me and DH are doing.

    Watch the great sperm race on 4od, its fasinating

  • Hi,
    I've heard every other day.

    OH and I have just watched The Great Sperm Race, although a bit slow at times it was actually really fascinating!!!

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