Well girls i failed!!!

im CD24 10DPO and i caved in and tested this morn with a asda own test, it says 4 days b4 period is due. im not due till sat!!!

it was a BFN do u think im out this month or just tested 2 early?
are asda own ones very sensitive??

anyone got any advice?? plz reply........lost my PMA now i think :\?

xXx holly xXx


  • I think it was to early would wait till thursday at least. Not sure how good asda's tests are i used superdrug sown which are v. good

    Good luck for testing again xxx
  • thanks 4 reply hun, think ill buy some SD ones and wait till thurs/fri xxx
  • hii i m trying 4 a baby sice last 5 months bt still nt pregnant ... so wat can be d reason or wat shuld i take
  • it all depends on wot contraceptive u was on b4 hun and if ur doing the deed at the right time, there is only a little window available every month 2 fall.......
  • I got a BFP with an asdas own at 10dpo BUT it was very faint and FR was alot darker line. Dont lose hope yet hun and try and wait a few days and test again xxx
  • Hi,

    I have previously used Asda tests and have been very successful with them. I would say wait and try again as you've prob tested a bit too early xxx

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  • i think you were too early hun, baby might not have even implanted yet. I am just like you though, my AF is due Friday and I'm dying to test!
  • I'm going to go and buy a SD test later today - or maybe 2 so i have one in reserve in case i'm too early lol

    Good luck to everyone testing xx
  • I ended up buying the first response tests -on offer in superdrug buy1 get 1 free so 2 packs of 2 sticks is ??10.49. Not testing yet though xx
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