have posted this in pregnancy

i have also posted thos in pregnancy but i know a few of the ladies who got there bfp are stil in here, was just wondering did u do anythin differently to get ur bfp, xx


  • had sex less!!! lol
    we were trying for 10 months in total and the month i fell pregnant we only had sex twice! we had been using zestica lubricant and a fertility monitor for around 6 months. we both had dreadful colds too the month we fell pregnant so i reckon because my immunity was low i didn't fight the spermies too much! lol
    i was convinced we hadn't done it the month we had done it becuase of how little we'd had sex. but i just had a feeling and did a test the day af was due and it came up straight away as pregnant!
    just goes to show it'll happen when it'll happen. best of luck hun x
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