Feeling VERY sick and bloated around OV time?

Evening Ladies,

Hope you're all well and getting ready for the festivities later this week.

I had my first positive OPK today so due to ovulate shortly, but am feeling REALLY sick and my tummy is really bloated (feel like I'm 5 months pregnant, lol - just wishful thinking!!).

Has anyone else experienced feeling sick and bloated just before OV?

Babydust to all xx


  • HI donnat2004, I usually get so bloated arround ov; that its had to bed sometimes. But I never get sick, just tired! Having said that I get all excited arround this time as it is baby making timeimage
  • Thanks Mrs Fair. We have been BD'ing every night since CD9 (on CD16 today) so will continue for the next few days too!
    I am also shattered beyonf belief.
    Merry xmas and babydust to you xx
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