officially ttc no2

Hi all. Is it ok to ask a few questions? As the title says hubby and I are officially ttc no2. I got pregnant with dd while on the pill so have no idea about ovulation, cycles etc. I came off the pill last week and have had a little bleed- is this normal? From what I have read is it best to wait till af arrives now? I have no idea how long my cycles are so have bought some ovulation tests but not exactly sure when to start using them?? Am I a complete no brain?? X


  • I've had to stop the pill a few times for different reasons over the past few years and I always have a bleed, no matter at what point I stop the pill. You can start trying now but it might be difficult to pinpoint how far along you are if you get your bfp (but in the end that doesn't matter).
    I had NO idea how ovulation and stuff worked till I started trying but you learn things very quickly. I recommend using there is a small fee but it's worth it. It's very good at charting your cycles. When you're not on the pill do you know how long your cycles normall are?
  • No I'm clueless!! X
  • Then I'd recommend just Bd'ing and having fun!! You can learn the rest of the stuff as you go, and keep an eye on your cycles etc, unless you get your BFP first of course! Good luck hon xx
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