Am i or not? should i get a different test?

Hey ladies ... Me again!

Feel like all I do is ask for advice. I'm CD 34 today and i got my positive on an opk on day 18. Opk pack says ovulation would happen 12 - 36 hrs after positive result so I'm not sure whether I count myself as being 14 or 16 DPO. Since ov I have had niggling pains sore boobs and v tired. I had what I thought was af pains on tue night along with a brown tinged cm (which I had to root about for as no discharge or anything) since then I have had a few twinges but nothing to write home about and defo not how I feel before she comes. I had a 35 day cycle last month after 8 months of 30 day cycles. I have done 4 tests this week all ebay cheapies and not even a hint of a line? Do u think af is just playing games with me? A lot of cm today but not brown but it is kind of tinged chalky almost? Any advice would be appreciated x


  • hiya, i would say 15dpo, in the middle, lol. no af yet sounds good and so do ur symptoms, maybe get an sd or fr test? r u testing with fmu? x
  • Is it true that after ov it should only be 14 days before aunt flo arrives?
  • Mrs me I haven't always used fmu but if it isn't here in the morning then I will test with fmu as says 16 day post ov phase is unusal when I googled it
  • I would use FMU definitely...symptoms are sounding good huni xxxx
  • Is it true that after ov it should only be 14 days before aunt flo arrives?

    no its not, this time called the luteal phase (LP) is usually 10-17 days long although can be longer or shoter, but usually stays the same every month x
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