Why do i always test early?

I'm 12dpo and just did a test. It was BFN. Why do i always crack and test early? Surely it can only lead to disappointment. I don't even feel pregnant this month. If anything, i'm totally convinced i'm not pregnant and ready to move onto next month!

After this month i'm not going to keep and HPTs in the house, that way i'll have to resist!


  • hey monster82...
    Im exactly the same....i cant help myself,,im even 7DPO!! lol....i have a testing addiction its ridic! lol...i thought im not going to buy any tests next month as well....some silly thing in my head thinks" maybe one slip through the net early haha"...never does...i do have cramp like period pain and not due on till next wed and been feeling very dizzy and sick all day?? >? hmm??? xx
  • ive done the same monster 82 stopped buying in tests im going wait this month and if late then will go get test as latley my periods have been 3 to 5 days early all the time so if get past them and near to due date then it will look promicing lol and worth while getting test xx
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