Tesco ov tests


has anyone used these before, bought them yesterday and jus seeing what peeps think of them??

on cds 9, did a test yest jus for fun, and strong detection line and faintest ever other line, guess i best start bding!!!



  • I've just bought them too - had to hide them under a bath mat incase I bumped into anyone I knew in tescos!!

    Am CD14 today and gonna start using them tmrw so will let you know!

    Good luck this month!! x
  • You may miss your ov this month Amber156!
    For a 28day cycle you should start testing on Day10. Will be good practice though if you are one of the POAS addicts. H x
  • Ooooh no, my cycles are 36-40 days atm think I will ov sometime over this wkend/early next week, so should be in plenty of time!!
  • Might go buy some tomorrow didn't realise tescos did them!
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